Tuesday, August 2, 2011


There are times when you just can't help but blow up... I like to blow up at times.
No... I'm not a terrorist. I'm not going to blow up your toilet with you on it. I'm not talking about the use of explosives to blow things up. Or blowing up balloons. Though both could be fun...

Like finding out someone who acted like they were perfect and never did anything wrong was full of BS... There was a story I heard from a cousin and good friend of my dads that kind of made dad twitch. He always acted with an air of dignity and like he never did anything wrong in his entire life. Mr. Perfect... Yup, Mr. Perfect managed to raise a kid with a perfectly messed up head. But that's for another time if it's not already here someplace.

Seems Mr. Perfect and his cousin/friend were sent to dig some holes and put in some new fence posts. Now digging them holes and planting fence posts is hard work. So, someone came up with the bright idea to take some of grandpaps dynamite, which he kept around for his coal mine. They used a sledge hammer and started the post in the ground. Then took a stick of dynamite and placed it atop the post. Then lit the fuse and ran.

The fence post disappeared, well as I was told all but a few inches... The darned thing had been driven almost it's entire seven to eight feet straight down into the ground. As I was told though the red rears of two young boys didn't disappear for a week or so.

Seems the resulting, nearly sonic boom, from the dynamite that echoed down the small valley and over the hills brought the parents of cousin and grandpap to find out what had happened. After the careful inspection of the results, butt whoppins were administered and lectures were given, then they still had to plant that post and a few more.

Also I'll add blowing up balloons can be exciting. Know a guy who liked to take the big fire crackers and tie them on helium filled balloons. Then stuff a lit cigarette on the fuse and let it sail away up towards the clouds and wait for the explosion and look of wonder on peoples faces.

Problem there... There is a cop standing across the street. So after waiting and then laughing, the cop comes over and ruins your day with a stern lecture and a ride to the police station where parents are called and you wait. Now if ya don't already know, parents get angry when the police call and want them to come pick up their kids. And the drive there does nothing to calm them down. Mater of fact they get angrier with each mile they drive... And again, there are butt whoppins and long, long, really long... OK, super long lectures...

But blowing up balloons can be hilarious. Like when your little girl is blowing up balloons and a weak one blows up in her face while she is turning red from blowing. Or when a prankster of a son is planning to pelt you with a water filled balloon and it bursts on him instead. Leaving a dad laughing and a red faced son embarrassed.

Now the first two are illegal and should be done by no one today. They are also very dangerous and can bring about a lot of bodily harm. I'm sure if you look around this internet thing by doing a search, you will find some horrifying pictures of people with blown off fingers, eyes that were taken out and many other injuries that could have been avoided with a little bit of thought towards the future.

Ahh, but none of these is the blowing up I'm talking about today. No, I'm talking about the emotional blow ups we all have at one time or another. They just happen and the things that cause them just happen. No mater how much you desire to carry on your life with dignity. Someone somewhere or some stupid thing, will cause you to just blow up.

But the choice is yours whether you handle it well or cause damage... I find comfort in blowing up at times and calling things that cause me grief ever possible nasty name I can think of or make up. I try to do that in private under my breath or in my mind, but sometimes I give my son a good belly laugh... Sometimes I give perfect strangers a good belly laugh too.

Having a mild blow up to relieve the tension may be good. Yet then it is time to let it go and move on.

Letting your blow up cause hurt, harm or damage is not good. You can devastate the mind of someone around you if you start taking it out on them. You can get arrested for personal property damage should you begin to destroy things. You can get arrested should you decide to hit someone. In the least you could break a toe should you decide to kick something. You could even get a punch in the nose if your not careful...

So if you have a need to blow up, call the inanimate object what you will.
Give the people who need a stern look and say what you must. Get angry and vent. Hold your breath and get real red faced. (I especially love to watch that in little ones...)

But get over it! Move on! Leave it behind! Things just happen and people just say things. If you haven't yet, you will at one time or another.
Later on you'll laugh about whatever made you so angry. And you'll have another good story to tell someday!

But do remember, “NEVER” say anything to someone that hurts them. Words have no reverse and can never be taken back. “NEVER” take your anger out by being cruel to an animal or another human. The universe does have it's ways of getting even with you if you do. Life can be very lonely for anyone who does...

So as you call that hot pot handle a SOB at the top of your lungs, get to the other side as fast as you can and smile! The faster you get to the other side the less the chances that the evils of fate will catch ya and give you a butt whoppin!

So hey, how about clicking on that Join button and showing us your smiling face. We're all family here in this world. We all have similar problems and lives. We all put up with idiotic decisions made by our governments. But we all need each other to make a better world possible...

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