Saturday, August 20, 2011


Someone asked me a question.
How do you feel about globalization and our food coming from foreign places and spending money in other countries when we need to take care of matters here?”

Think it's kind of a darned shame. Ever since the corporate farms bought up so much of the mid west, the small farmer had had a tough time. And now like everything else the corporations will be buying land in other countries to have the cheap labor there for the food supply.
They did that with all the big manufacturing business and now this...

Just wonder how the people here will buy anything before long. All the work is going abroad and then the products are sent back here. Well, if we can't find work, how will we buy?

Yet we can't afford to buy American because we don't have the money to pay the prices.

I'm just totally confused about what can be done. The corporations and the Unions have us and how can we stand a chance!
Both keep being greedy and wanting more but fail to see that only causes everyone else to need more. Then the cycle continues!

I'm kind of hoping enough people will begin to wake up and start home businesses for clothes and any other items they can make and sell. Then sell them a reasonable prices. Same for the farmers. Grow food and skip the middle man and sell at decent prices.

Only problem with some of that is the regulations and laws that the corporations conned the government into setting up that keep people from selling home made foods among a few other things. We would all have to be a little bit outlaw.
But I feel that's the only way we will be able to once again become the country we once were.

There was a bigger rebellion that my ancestors were in and there has to be another rebellion to get back what so many fought and died for. Hopefully it would never turn into an all out war as the first though...

It's a hard and tough subject and I could probably go on all night! But what I've said here is, I think, enough to leave you know where I stand.

For the farmers, we have those farmers markets and stands here and there. People help us so much when they buy directly from us.
Now if many others would start selling needed items they could make like that, at decent prices, I feel we would be on to a great start and a solution.

We really need to stop helping the corporations from destroying us with their greed.
They are the only ones with enough money to sway the politicians, but we don't have to play their game by their rules. There are many people who can make about anything we all need, in every community.
We really need to back them instead of Wal Mart and the likes.

I really don't think it's so much the globalization that is doing the harm. It's the big corporate businesses that are. They are the ones that buy the products at the cheapest prices they can con us into and then turn around and sell them for the highest prices they can command.

They are the ones who had the mega bucks to lobby congress for cheap import prices so they could take advantage of countries that would work for next to nothing. Then our politicians lined their pockets with that money and happily gave the corporate world what they wanted.

Politicians will not listen to the people as long as the corporate world pays them not to. Maybe what we need to do is begin to break the corporate world that influences the politicians...

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