Friday, August 26, 2011


Magic moments, when two hearts are caring. Magic moments, Memories we are sharing.

A song recorded by Perry Como around 1957.
Another song from yesterday, a fun song, yet a song that has wonderful meaning. That is if your willing to listen to it and give it a chance to settle into your mind.

Living in the moment without clinging to the past or pondering about the future allows you to enjoy everything around you.

Having a plan of direction isn't bad. Plans establish a direction and lead to an outcome.

But hanging on to that plan too tightly can take away any chances to really enjoy the experiences that are possible. Circumstances alone often cause plans to change. If your not loose and willing to go with the flow, your rigidness will make your plans come to unhappy endings.

Clinging to stringently to a plan can erase the possibility to find the magic moments of your own.
Even when on a path to success there are times when things just come up and there is the possibility to share a moment with someone and create a lasting memory filled with emotion.

There are times when we can share with children and teach. Times when we can just have a moment of joy that will stay in their hearts forever.
Times that even when we are ourselves gone will be remembered with fondness.

There are times that you and the one you love can create magic moments that will be cherished and bring you even closer. Times that will have you both smiling with others left wondering why.

Being remembered as the one who was so strictly staying on their path that they had no time for anyone else is not how I would want to be remembered. I would rather be remembered as the guy who could stop and play yet still get back on the path and succeed.

I would rather be remembered as the friend or lover that dropped what he was doing to share and create magic moments filled with love...

If we hold to tightly to expectations of people, desires and what needs to be done, we become very shortsighted.

It's better to have plans, but live each day with flexibility and let your plans lead you to every possible moment of happiness.

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