Thursday, August 11, 2011

Filler Up Budd

So when was the last time you surprised her? When was they last you took her in your arms and looked in her eyes and told her how beautiful she is, how much you loved and wanted her? When was the last time you made her mind perplexed and amused?

Yup, probably like way to many of us guys, you can't remember when... We do have that asinine tendency to not see what's important. Then we wonder why she is acting so cold...

Here's an idea.

After work today stop and pick up that movie your kids are whining to see. Maybe even get them two. Or get them a video game or two. Pick up a six pack of their favorite drink and a big bag of chips.
Then stop and get her favorite bottle of wine. If you can't stand to drink wine, get yourself your favorite six pack.

Put the kids drinks, wine and six pack in a cooler with ice and leave it in the car when you get home. Don't have a good cooler, you can get those cheap coolers ya know...

After dinner, help her clean the mess away. That will be her first surprise.
Make a trip to the car to retrieve you bag of surprises. Now round up those eye rolling rug bugs and give them the movies or games, the chips and drinks. Once your done with that, they'll be busy for a few hours.

Now take that cooler in one hand and her hand in the other and find someplace you can be alone. Heck, even outside on the porch or in lawn chairs. Pour her a glass of wine and again tell her how much you care and love her. No fancy glass? No problem. Any glass will do.

Now start to talk. Listen, really listen to what she has to say. Remember how you did that when you first met her? Do that. Maybe even take her by the hand and walk around the yard. Check out those flowers she planted and takes so much pride in.

If you hear the kids start to act up, take care of it yourself. Threaten their lives if you have to. But let them know that under any circumstance they must never call mom or get to loud. Threaten them with the worlds nastiest baby sitter with the worst smelling BO if they choose not to listen...

Now get back to that wonderful woman you chose to ask to join your life.
Share your life and goals. Share a hug and kiss. Share a snuggle. Open your mouth and let her know you still care. You want her. How much you are attracted to her and that you still desire her and want to spend forever with her.

You do realize that it's these things we guys think seem goofy that impressed her when you met don't you? Well, she would probably find them just as impressive today!

I'm just guessing, but doing this once or twice a month could make her believe once again that your still her Romeo. Who knows, you could find once again that she wants to be your Juliette... Give her some of that old romance wonder and excitement that you did long ago and you may find that princess you remember.

It's kinda like that gas tank in that car. If ya don't fill it up, it'll quit running. Well if you don't fill her with romance, she'll feel left along the side of the road too. And who knows what tow truck driver will tow her heart away...

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