Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tight Squeeze

Quit trying to squeeze yourself into a box that's made for someone else. We're all different. Different likes, different tastes, different desires... So then we have this inane tendency to put mental pressure on ourselves thinking we should be like someone other than ourselves.

Take that beautiful picture of that woman in that exquisite dress. She looks so gorgeous. If you had that dress you'd look stunning too.
Yah right. That skinny minnie model starves for a fantastic steak and potato meal with a side of German sweet and sour green beans, having a slice of apple pie ala mode for desert. Then set on her butt with her feet propped up and take a nap.

Then there's that guy with the ripped six pack abs. The long flowing hair and the deep looking eyes, wearing a smile and someones new jeans. He has to spend his time too working out and keeping that hair. His smile is nice, but I suspect his smile is from thinking how pretty am I... He has no time for thinking of you. His time is spent worrying how to stay so pretty and clean.

Those pictures in ads that sell clothes don't impress me at all. Heck no! I want to see what those clothes look like on real people. The people that aren't afraid to work. The people who don't cringe when their hands get dirty. The people who know how to play and have fun.

We look in our wallets and we cry. Why oh why wasn't I born rich? We look at the rich and wish that were us. But... Do we ever consider how many hours of work and worry they had to endure to get there? How many days they had to spend away from their families and friends? Their loneliness and emptiness? Their desire to have even a day to play? Their worry over who will take it away...

Their kids play. They never think twice about wasting that cash. Yet they're empty souls who never give a care about others. They never learn what it really is to have a friend. Their friends like them because they party and pay the way with mommy and daddy's cash.

They'll never know the great feelings of being successful on their own...
Even daddy's cash helps them to start a business of their own! Or the connections that mom and dad have made. Hordes of people crawl from the walls to ride their gravy train until it's gone...

Oh, and those popular people. Ever really take the time to try and get to know them? Ever had the sad opportunity to be berated by them? Those fakes only gain popularity by putting others down and giving some laughs by doing so. As soon as their so called friends catch on and they no longer make them laugh they forget them and move on to another victim to amuse and then dump.

They have no real friends to laugh with and confide in. They have no real friends to listen to when they need to hear they're wrong. They have no one to shed tears and concerns with. No one cares that much about them.

When you begin to have the feeling or thoughts of wanting to be like someone else, take a few minutes to really consider their lives. They may not be what appears from the outside in.

Quit being jealous of what others have. Ofter people seem to get jealous about what others have and in reality they wouldn't really want it if they did have it.

If being thin or being ripped is so much fun, then why do so many return to chunky and soft. It's simple to my simple mind. Being comfortable and happy are fun.

If being rich were so much fun, then why do they continue to strive for more once they're there. In my simple mind, they're just never satisfied or happy with what they have.

The real fun is the trip to where you desire to be. Once there and seeing, you only need to find something else to do.

Be happy and smile for what you have and enjoy your journey to what lies hidden over the horizon of the next day...
Be original, be you, be smiling, you rule.

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