Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oh Baby, Would You

Would you tell your child they're dumb? Would you tell your child they don't have a chance at happiness? Would you tell your child they'll never find love? No one could ever love them? They don't deserve to be happy and loved? Would you tell your child they are ugly? Would you tell your child they __________ (fill in the blank)?

So why do you look into a mirror and tell that stuff to yourself?
You are worthy of love! You deserve respect! You are worthy of understanding! You do deserve forgiveness! You are good!

You are good!
You do for your children. You feed them and clothe them. You clean after them. You do what you can to teach them with what you have learned. You understand that you don't know everything, so you try to learn more to teach them well. You do your best to help them make wise decisions in life and choices of friends. You nurse them when they get hurt. You love them with all your heart even when they don't make it easy.

You do for your partner. From cooking and cleaning to working and helping to pay the bills and have a better life. Your there for them when they need someone to confide in. Your there when they celebrate the good. Your there with love even though they don't sometimes make it easy...

You do for your friends. You listen when they need to be heard. You advise when they ask. You give them a shoulder to cry on when they're sad. You help them celebrate when they accomplish. You share moments of fun when doing things together.

You do for the world. You take care of whatever little or big patch of the earth you live on. You care about the trees and wild animals. You may be an away at work mom and are working towards making the world a better place through your work. You may be a mom and are raising your and someone else's children to be the future of the human race.

Through any and all of that you do deserve respect. You do the best you can with what has been given to you.

You are worthy of understanding just because you do and try your best. Your human, humans make mistakes. Humans realize they make mistakes and do what they can to make things right. Each of us are individuals with different perspectives and we all deserve to be heard and accepted in spite of our differences.

The only people who may be lacking in their deserving of understanding and respect are those that refuse to understand and respect others. Those that can not accept differences in opinions and beliefs. Those that would force their beliefs and ways on others. Those that would destroy the hearts or lives of others.

You are deserving of all the love that's possible just for being the one, the only, individual, perfect you that you are! As long as you or the memory of you exists, you “DO” deserve to be loved!

Just keep smiling, having fun, learning and trying and you will always be the perfectly wonderful, beautiful you!

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