Tuesday, August 30, 2011

BS That Bugs Me

Political Correct.
Sugar coating the truth and facts. Wonder if a judge in court would buy it if a suspected felon would try being politically correct and sugar coat whatever they had done. Would that help them get a lighter sentence...

Wrong needs to be called wrong and pointed out as such, even from a very young age. Consequences need to be severe enough to enforce that wrongs are wrong and will under no circumstances will be accepted. Harsher punishment needs be if the first are not heeded.

A fool needs to be told he's being foolish. How else is he to be expected to change?

A child abuser or a man who abuses women needs men who are free to be able to thrash them without the law punishing them for doing what's needed.
A thief needs to know that if he's caught that he'll be punished by his captures and if he survives that he'll be punished again by the law.

The government decided for us that evolution should be taught in schools and the teachings of the Bible should be kept out.
Evolution teaches us that only the strong, healthy and intelligent survive. But the government says we should keep the few people who refuse to abide by the laws of common good from being destroyed by the many who would rather do them in.

Religion teaches forgiveness and letting bygones be bygones, evolution teaches death and destruction...

The anti drug slogan, Just say no.

BS. Take your children out in front of a bar. Let them see for theirself the withered, leathery skin of alcoholics. Allow them to see the drunks stumbling and falling as they try to walk. Let them hear the stupid stuff that comes from their loud mouths.

Take them to junk yards and let them see the twisted mangled piles of metal that used to be automobiles. Allow them to look inside to see seats stained with blood, steering wheels and dashboards where pieces of guts and brains still cling, dried on like glue.

Same goes for teaching that excessive speed and reckless, careless driving kills. Show them the front of a car that is now under the front seat. Let them see the cars torn in half and twisted.

Introduce them to the families that are sad because they lost a loved one. Let them hear the tear filled words of families and loved ones who have lost a loved one to someone who was stoned or drunk or speeding and driving recklessly.

Candy coating the truth doesn't make bad things go away. Only admitting it, facing it head on and dealing with it can help to make it not happen again.

Traumatic? Yes. But trauma can be a really great eye opener and burn the results of bad choices into the mind.

One way or another and somewhere at sometime they will be traumatized anyway. I think it's better that your there to support them instead of standing by their coffin sobbing...

So hey, how about clicking on that Join button and showing us your smiling face. We're all family here in this world. We all have similar problems and lives. We all put up with idiotic decisions made by our governments. But we all need each other to make a better world possible...

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