Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Seeking Peace

Whoa dude! Did ya feel the earth shake? Was sitting in the living room having a coffee break when all of the sudden my house shook. Then it shook again. I looked to my right and saw a pole lamp swaying. One more shake and I looked up to see the chandelier swaying... Never heard a thing, no blasts, bangs or nothing.

Even though there was no wind blowing I walked outside and checked out the trees. None fell? Checked out all the other buildings here and nothing looked wrong there either. Came back in and turned on the TV and darned. We were feeling the tremors of the quake that hit Virginia.

Look mother nature, I'm a bit P'd at Washington DC too, so don't take your frustration out on me. I'm on your side!
It was something new and different though and honestly was kinda cool... But I do have a wild and crazy sense of humor.

OK, now on to todays squawking.
Have you ever heard of a thief getting a jail sentence and then after finding out they were only stealing food so they could feed their family, felt kinda bad for that person?

What they did was wrong, but what they did was also what had to be done in the moment. It's what I call doing the wrong thing for the right reason...
That never excuses the act. I still believe that there needs to be a punishment, but also teaching so they have at least an idea of where to look for help if the situation occurs again.

I dislike murder for any reason. Yet I've heard of people locked up for murder and then found the reason was to protect theirselves or someone else. It's still killing and it will be forever wrong, but there really are times it just needs done.

Thankfully here in our country we have courts that are allowed to take each case on it's own and pass judgment according to the severity of the crime. If we didn't and people would just be left go after committing a crime like either of these, others would go on a spree of crimes.

Morals tell us what is right and what is wrong if we listen to them speaking in our minds. Yet in an emergency morals get left behind and replaced with survival. Morals are also led by what we have learned and our learning environment.

Where we live and the population around us can be a great influence on what we learn and feel for morals. Our beliefs can determine our morals. But much of what we believe is what we've been taught by someone else. Whether their morals were good about something or not is beyond our personal control.

What is in the scope of our control is learning and growing as we live our lives. What is in our control is the ability to listen to each other and learn the others views.

Then we have this great ability of imagination. We can place our selves in the others shoes and think about how we would feel or what we would do if we were them. Should both sides do that then a communication can be opened up and understanding can be reached.

I'd never be one to say that anyone's morals should be set aside or given up. Only that a mutual compromise or understanding can be attained. Either an acceptance that others are different and we can still get along, or an agreement that we both shall live and just stay out of each others lives.

It's when we try to force our ways on others that hatred and war break out and rears their ugly heads. With acceptance that others think differently, more can be learned and taught by example than by fighting and killing.

There are a few tyrants and total idiots in this world who will never shut up and hear what you have to say, but don't become one of them. If you do run into one of them, just walk away. You don't need them in your life anyway...

It's no different than walking along and seeing a skunk or snake in your path. You just walk around and ignore them. Eventually they will meet up with another idiot that is as bad as or worse than them and they'll deal with each other.

No different than a swamp full of hungry crocodiles, you just avoid the area and you don't get eaten...

How about joining the blog and sharing with anyone you know. Help show the world we're all the same and can learn from each other and accept any difference of politics and beliefs.

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