Thursday, August 18, 2011

She Has It So Easy

Do you work all week while she stays home and takes care of the house and kids?

Who gets up with the kids on the weekends?

Oh sure, you get up early all week long so you can get to work. Well, she's up to see you off and then has things to get accomplished before those kids get up. Then while you take it easy after work her day still goes on.

Don't you think she would enjoy at least one morning a week that she could sleep a little later...
Why not get up one morning and spend some time with the kids watching cartoons or whatever else the kids like to do?
It could be a great opportunity to make her a happy wife and to get to know those kids a bit.

If they get hungry, feed them. Either make them some breakfast or take them out for breakfast. Have some fun with them and enjoy their company. They really do grow up fast and if you don't take your chance to get to know them while you can, you may never get to know who they really are.

And I sure hope your not one of those guys that say she has it easy staying home while you support her and the kids...
If you are, then next time you have a vacation from your job, why not try and do her job. You do the cleaning, laundry, making the meals, doing the shopping, keeping after the kids and all the other things she does that you think are easy.
It may just make you change your mind about how easy she has it.

Real men help raising their kids!
Why not man up and do it?
Give it a try if your brave enough...

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