Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Caring Parenting

Wonder why it is that we care and worry more about our childrens childhood than we ever did about our own...

As a young lad, I was near the tops of trees before my dear desperately nervous mother could scream the words, “don't climb that tree”.
But it was always too late. I was already there near the top and she was once again being driven crazy.

I'd suspect that there are many out here who could relate to this and probably even have stories of their own. Kids are daring and kids have youthful speed and energy on their sides. Along with that they have the advantage of their small size and are usually doing something before they're noticed.

Being overly protective keeps children from learning about much of their world and learning to deal with the bad things of life when they are under our care and we can instruct them in ways of dealing with the bad.

Besides that, when do they care about us...

When they need money maybe. Or want to score a free meal and get their laundry done.

Do they care that the electric bill is reaching levels of the national debt?
No they'll have every light in the house on. For months!

Do they care that food is rotting as they stand staring blankly into the refrigerator?
I swear someone needs to put see through doors on them!
Hmm, maybe a recording of classical music that plays when the door is open!

Do they care that you bought those chocolate chips to make cookies? Or that by the time you go to get them you'll already have the batter made??

Do they care that while your riding in the car with them driving, your fingernails are becoming one with the dash? Your foot's about to smash through the floor from pushing that imaginary brake? Your having chest pains from your heart beating with fear for your life?

Do they care that your house is your home and not their garbage dump? Or your life and safety are at risk from their junk that's left for you to trip over?

Hmm, do I really care for their safety and well being?

Or is it that I'm looking forward to the day I will relish the moments when they become parents and their kids do the same to them...

Oh yah kids, watch what you do to mom and dad. They have good memories and may even teach your kids all the stuff you do to them!

It is only fair after all that your children have all the fun you do...

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