Friday, August 5, 2011

Why Not Experiment

I often hear that guys can't cook.
I can't say I love cooking and baking. But I do enjoy devouring eating dining on a great tasting meal. So I cook. Sometimes I even find enjoyment in cooking. It's a way to relax by doing something different and it's even a way to experiment.

Then usually comes the best part! Savoring the wonderful tasting delights that were made. Enjoying that so much that going back for seconds isn't even a question, it's a given. Even making something that others like to help me eat and then ask for again is a boost to the ego and nice.

There are women who can't cook. Even knew one who could burn a pot of water. Some are only capable of making the blandest of culinary delights. They seem to be afraid to add herbs and spices. They seem to be frightened of trying new things.

My dear mother whom I loved very much and will remember with admiration the rest of the days of my life, was not the worlds greatest cook. Although she had a few things that she made tastier and better than any other living soul could, she would always overcook vegetables.

Especially peas and green beans... Her peas would have made great ammunition for a gun or rifle. You could have probably loaded them in a sling shot and caused plenty of damage. (darned, why didn't I think of that when I was a boy) Mom's green beans would most times be cooked to mush. Both had all the flavor cooked clean out of them.

I've even know some women and men that couldn't fry an egg. Some couldn't even heat a TV dinner without messing it up. Some guys will be the great chef on the grill and then say they can't cook on a stove. Personally I believe they've just figured a way out of the kitchen...

The real joy of cooking isn't in the cooking itself. I find it's in the joy of experimenting. Trying something different to discover your own pleasure is the greatest opportunity to learn to enjoy the kitchen. Then when there is success and everyone asks for more or asks you to do it again, it's the icing on the cake.

Now recently, on a rainy day, I was reading a corn bread stuffing recipe. You start out by making the corn bread, then later adding the ingredients for stuffing. Sounded good. A lot like most of the corn bread stuffings I've tried and enjoyed.

But... It got me to thinking. Dangerous I know, but it's what I do when I have to much time on my hands and not enough to do. Even more dangerous when I'm doing things that are dangerous and my mind floats off to wonderland. Possibly even more dangerous for the people who bear to be around me and hear my wonderings...

But I began to wonder about making a corn bread with added things in it for flavor. Now it's still way to hot to want to fire up the ole oven and bake out the last cell of my brain. So... As soon as the weather cools off a bit I intend to do a little culinary experiment. I'll take my favorite corn bread recipe and add some chopped chives, some chopped up parsley and some celery seed.

Now I've already decided that should it turn out as great as I think it will, I'll next try replacing some of the milk with some poultry stock. Or maybe even just use some of that nasty powdered bullion or soup base.

I'm just imagining all the flavors of corn bread stuffing being enjoyed as a tasty snack or even an easy treat for breakfast or lunch. Could even make them as muffins...

I have had a few flops. None were to bad and were still edible. Some though I did find the dogs and cat enjoyed more than I or number two son did. But many more turned into the family recipes that will be remembered and passed down.

Whadaya think? Will it work? Are you adventurous and experiment while cooking?

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