Friday, August 19, 2011

Who Are You

Feel in a rut? Burned out? Bored with your job or life in general? Feeling useless and unappreciated?
Maybe it's time for a change.

But I can't just up and quit my job, I need the money, the insurance and the security!

If that is the reason you have the job you do it will only work for a while. Sooner or later you will begin an emotional roller coaster ride.

A nightmare will begin that will take a toll on your relationships.
If your not happy how can you keep your partner happy... If your not happy how can your kids feel happy and loved... If your not happy how will friends want to be around you... How can Mr. or Ms. Grumpy make new friends...

Your health will begin to suffer. The body is made up of all sorts of interesting individual parts, but all those parts are connected. They're connected to the mind. When your not happy the mind concentrates on that and begins to let other parts of the body go unattended.

Some body parts may even become abused. Eating makes us feel good. So if we begin to overeat... Well we know what happens. You may find that alcohol helps to ease the pain by making you numb and forget. But becoming a regular drinker or even worse and alcoholic causes damage to the body.

So your sad and cranky, your mind wonders and your health begins to go. You begin missing work. Your unhappiness begins to affect your work. Coworkers don't like being around you. Customers don't like being around you. The boss is fed up with finding someone to do your job when your not there and is tired of the complaints and your mood. Yup, next thing you know, your looking for a new job...

As if these reasons are not enough, there can be many other undesirable things that can happen also.

I'm not saying to just up and quit. That would be insanity! There are responsibilities... Maybe it's not really the job that makes you feel the way you do. It could be that you just need to find something important to you to do in your time. Or maybe you need to make some you time...

Families and friends usually join in when they see someone having the time of their life and their happy. It makes them happy to be around someone who is happy. When they see you becoming happy they will probably encourage you even more.

It's kind of natural that when you find your passion you become more passionate and pass that passion on to others. You begin making everyone around you feel good, cared for and desired. Simply because you feel good about you. You begin to become the you, full of hopes and dreams, that you once were.

Start to pay attention to your life. Pay attention and become aware to what brings you laughter, joy, happiness and what makes you feel love. These are the things that are your passions. No one but you can truly know what you like. Isn't it time that you stop looking elsewhere and discover you?

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