Thursday, March 31, 2011

Making Of Cold

SNOW!!! The last day of March and snow again. Now I'm hearing maybe up to three inches... OK mother nature, there is work to be done.
Please gimme a break?

Normally in March around here we can at least get out in the fields and get a start. This year it's been way to wet. I can usually get into the garden to get the first tilling done in preparation. Nope, not this year. Mess around with the ground when it's to wet and it makes the ground pack like a rock...

So now when the ground finally gets dry, there is going to be a really busy time of it trying to play catch up.
OK, I vented and hope it makes me feel better. Sorry.
While I'm on snow I can't help but think of cold...

I have to say that just maybe some people make others the cold empty, dispassionate people they become. Yes, there are guys who at a very young age begin to see girls as a play toy. Some see them as a victory and seem to add them one by one to their list of conquests...

Just perfect for making women who think “all” guys are pigs! Then ya wanna complain about how women treat us. Well, if I beat on your head for a while, your soon gonna think the whole world is out to get ya, and your attitude is going to go sour. Why would a woman feel any different?

There are also many young girls that like to play games... There is one I know of who called a lad and said something about having the three guys that are showing interest in her having a game to play. Whichever one would take her out and buy her the most would be the winner.
The young guy talks to her and says to just forget that junk. He's not about to turn his feelings for her into games.

So a week or so later one of her little girl friends gets hold of this young lad and says to him that the first girl really cares about him and she loves flowers. And... She would really be surprised and delighted if the young lad would surprise her by showing up when she got off work with some flowers.
Young lad even talks to first young lass and she confirms she is working.

So young lad gets finished working out in the cold all day and then goes and picks up a real pretty bouquet of flowers. Takes them at the right time to where young lass works. Uh, surprise young lass is not working...
Yup. Young lad has been played and is now beginning to sour, even more on young ladies.

So it does work both ways.

Not all guys and gals play games like this but how would you tell those that do from those that don't? Really it could turn both sides against the other!
Make guys and gals feel that the other is something bad. How would you even begin to help to heal people from all that???

Men, spend some time with young guys, try to teach them that womens emotions are not a toy or something to be looked at as a victory.
Ladies, let the young gals know that young guys are not toys either.

It's to late for those of us that are older, but by beginning to teach all those young guys and gals now. We may be able to begin a better world for both eventually.
You don't want the young to have to continue with this manure, do you?

So lets get that happy smile on our faces and get out there and spread hope for a better future.

Hmm, maybe I'll go see if I can build an April fools snowman and girl...

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