Thursday, March 10, 2011


I'll be out doing the shopping and darned if I don't see guys walking several feet in front of their ladies. Not with them, not holding hands, but out in front with their ladies trailing behind...

Then I see men walking through the doors and never even offering to hold the doors for the ladies. They even let the door shut in their faces.
Then it's up to the ladies to do all the shopping themselves while their guys stand with scowls on their faces like their being impositioned. Sometimes I even hear the guys making rude remarks about how long it takes. To me they sound as bad as little children.
I also see guys get in their cars and never open the door for their ladies to get in and seated, let alone help them put the groceries in.

What the heck ever happened to respect for ladies???
What ever happened to a man being a man?
Why do ladies tolerate being treated like this?
Is this the way the ladies wish to be treated today?

Maybe I'm old fashioned or whatever but when I hold a door for even a stranger who is a lady, she smiles and thanks me.
I was taught manners and I still have them and use them.
So, am I wrong? Has the world moved beyond manners to a world where a guys lady has to do and fend for herself? Is this that evolution junk they teach about?

Then to top this off I hear guys yelling at their ladies and calling them all kinds of ignorant names. Names I'm kinda sure would start a fight if someone used on their mothers.
At least I hope they would!

What surprises me even more is that women tolerate it all. What did their mothers teach them? Heck what did they learn from their fathers???
Were their fathers treating their mothers like that so now they think that's the way it should be?

Well, I'm an old redneck kinda guy and when I see this crud going on I tend to scowl at the offensive butt heads. What is kinda funny is that I get bad looks from them but they never have the nerve to confront me. But I am older, much bigger than most of them and I do have that cane I need to get around without stumbling. Or maybe its the bad boy biker look and the big beard...

Heck, I'd love for one of those jerks to take a poke at me. I'd gladly go straight to jail for smacking them up side their heads. I'd feel no shame as a judge would do his thing and pass the laws bad judgment against me for standing up for morals. But I'd darned sure feel better!

I haven't yet opened my big mouth and given any of those jerks a piece of my mind, but I'm real sure that one day I'll be in a bad mood and it'll happen!

Would you stand up for a woman in any of these situations?
How do you feel women should be treated, like a lady or worse than a dog?

I don't know. These guys treat women like crud and they have someone. I try and treat them decently and I'm alone... I just don't get it...

OK, I vented. I lightened that load a bit and now, I'm gonna go find something to make me smile.
Why not leave some comments about this crud and then do the same.

I'm not even trying to say anyone should, really you shouldn't. But, if you should lay one of these types of butt head jerks out, smile while your doing it and even though you'll probably go to jail for it, come back and let me know so I can share in your pride for doing the right thing, even though it is probably “legally” wrong!


  1. You make several good points. Sadly, many women allow this behavior because they believe that they do not deserve better. This attitude results from having been abandoned emotionally or physically, or both, by their father. Women who were not actively nurtured and loved on a regular basis by a father figure tend to lack the self esteem needed to command better behviour from their partner.

  2. Hi Ruby! I can understand your point about abandonment. That helps me understand a bit.
    Hope others will leave some helpful comments as well...
    I'm left wondering if you think there is anything that a stranger could say or do that would help these women. Or even get them started on their way to gaining self esteem.
    BTW, I went and checked out your blog. I liked that Better Boyfriend School Idea : ) There are way to many that need that!
    I was also glad to read the things you wanted him to do! I think that a lot of problems could be eased up a bit if more women would put their ideas out there so as guys would see them they would begin to pass them on!
    They may start out joking about those ideas but at least that would be a start to getting them into their heads...
    So when ya gonna write more?

  3. Well, not to try to sound tough, because I like being treated like a lady, but I think I would deck the dude, myself!! I'm sure most of us have put up with some type of abuse in our lives, but there comes a time when one should wise-up and say, enough is enough, male or female!! Thanks for still being a gentlman, Ivan. ☺ There's still some of us gals that truly appreciate it.

  4. EEEEkkkk! A gentleman??? Now Melodie, you've been here enough to know better. I'm just me : )
    I think there is plenty on here to back that up : ) Heck I don't even own dress clothes : )

    Seriously though, I've known plenty of ladies that could and did step up and straighten out some guys that needed it! Hey, that's a part of being a lady just as much as for a man being a man...
    But how can one even begin to instill that in someone who is in need of a confidence fix?

  5. Well, you're gentleman enough for me. And, by the way, I don't own a dress! So there, we're even. :)

    It's hard to instill in one how to gain confidence. Some need a constant reminder and pep talk that they ARE worthy, and not to be put down by anyone. It's just harder for some than others. But heck, it's never too late. If I had to give a small amount of advice to males or females about a relationship, this is what it would be. Do NOT stand for abuse, whether it be physical, mental, or verbal. Nothing good ever comes from any of it. It's hard, but one should respect themselves enough to abide by that one simple, self rule. Like I said before, the majority of us have "been there." You'll be much happier if you don't make the return trip.

  6. Your great Melodie! I'm always getting smiles from you!
    I like that constant reminder and pep talk.
    I kinda hope that along with letting guys know how they make women hurt that the women who read here are getting a bit of a pep talk also!
    Trying to do it from a guys mind is a little tough though. As a whole there are so many things that we guys just don't get... We are very dumb like that. I can only write from observations I've made over the years. So any help from the gals out here is very welcome and appreciated!

  7. It works both ways. Men are abused more than people think. You guys just don't let it be known as readily as women. Females don't "get it" all the time, either. Everyone would be better off just following the golden rule, but we know that's not going to happen.
    Smiles :)