Thursday, March 17, 2011

She's Tired Too

We guys tend to get lazy. Work all day... Put up with the other employees BS. Put up with the bosses BS. Navigate the stampede of other drivers on the roads. Maybe even having to show some their IQ number... Then we get home and just want to kick back and put our feet up.

Well, how about that sweetie that's there for us?

Think she's had an easy day? She's been working too.
If she's been working outside the home she puts up with basically the same BS we do. She's beat too.
Then the most important women in the world! The mom that sees the importance of raising and caring for her family. Think she's had it easy? Think she just sits there all day waiting for your precious butt to get home?
Think again!

She's been playing secretary and answering phone calls. Then executive director and making important decisions. She's been the dietician and planning, shopping for and then the cook preparing the meals. She's been the laundry detail. She's been the cleaning crew, yes the one person cleaning crew for your entire castle. She's been the general contractor, deciding on who to hire to fix whatever needs fixing. She's also been the teacher. Then she's had to be the referee when those screaming children decided to start arguing. She's had to squeeze in being the entertainment director when they weren't.
Now I'm real sure I missed a lot of other things she's had to do, but surely you can stop for a second or two and think of more on your own.

Do you remember how ya got her? Were you to tired then? Yah, you may have been younger, but you mustered every ounce of energy you could find to chase after her like a beagle on a rabbit in a dense field of thorns.

She's still a woman. They like to feel desirable. Women like to be courted.
They also like to be appreciated. Yup... even after they've graced you with their hand in marriage.

They don't get what they want and need, they begin by feeling disappointed. That turns to hurt. Then they wonder if there is someone else. Then to anger. Absolutely no different than for a man. We all have egos that get hurt...

Here's an idea. Why not call a babysitter and set them up to watch those kids.
You can do that can't ya??? Have that babysitter meet you when ya get home. After that pick up that phone and call your wonderful wife, girlfriend, whatever and ask her out on a date. If she hesitates because she thinks she has to much to do, tell her it can wait because you have something real important that has to be handled now. If she asks what, tell her you don't have time to explain and you will later. She might get a little irritated, so tell her you can't talk right now and have to go.
But do remember to tell her to dress up all pretty like.

Now take her out to the nicest most quiet place you can think of and treat her to a fantastic, relaxful dinner. Then let her know that important thing you had to do was getting to be with her and her only, and let her know just how important she really is.

You can work on this a little so it can work for you, but do it!
Let her know how much you want her, how much you care, and how much she means to you. Show her that desire and love is still there.
Put a wonderful glow and smile back on her pretty face!

After a comment by another blogger I've decided to add a link here for you to see something similar from a womans perspective.     "  Push Me  
Please check it out! 


  1. This could be a follow up to "Push Me". ;) If only every man stopped for a second to consider his wife's feelings and needs.... Great post, Ivan!

  2. You are so very right Alicia!
    Here is a link to that fantastic post written by Alicia and I hope you all will read it

    Just copy and paste it in your browser. It really is a wonderful post on a wonderful site!

  3. so very true. Too often we forget the emotional needs of those we love most.