Monday, March 21, 2011

Life's Silly Jokes

Thursday, St. Patrick's day. Finished with the general things that needed done, and finding out my son in law was off work and working on a small used quad he had gotten for the grandkids. I decided to to jump on my quad and go to their place early. There was a party already planned and I felt good so why not?

Well I had fun taking the grandkids for rides around the neighbors fields and my own. Had fun doing a few things while riding alone that I knew I shouldn't. But hey, when I'm feeling good I like to enjoy the moment. If the stupid back hurts the next day, I'll deal with it then. Yah, an older fool acting like a teen... Oh well, that's me!

Everything went well though and I had lotsa fun. People showed up for the dinner and party and there was that chance again to show up the young pups. So I took it and did. (I need to find a way outta that mentality...)

Now I kinda expected that Friday would be a day full of pain or at least a headache from the beer. I was wrong. There was a little stiffness in the back, but it wasn't really bad. So Friday went about like a usual day. So I set my sights on Saturday being the day my back would catch up and I'd be stuck laying around like bag of garbage.

Well as I'm sure some have noticed, there was no post Saturday. Nope, it wasn't back pain. Mater of fact I didn't even notice any arthritis pain. Nooo.
Instead I had the worst stomach flu I've had in so many years, I can't even remember when.

I woke up around three thirty AM and was about doubled over in pain. I laid there a bit and heard my son in the bathroom. Seems he had been awake the entire night with the same thing. At least I had some sleep...

I made my way down to the kitchen and got some coffee. Thought, no big deal, I'll get the blog done early and have my coffee then when I could, I'd go back to bed and get some more sleep. Yup, thought about sh-t itself...

I didn't have anything ready for the blog, and had no head to do so. Every time I would start to get a thought started about something another pang of pain would shoot through and the thought would be gone. Then my lifes nourishment, the coffee. That wonderful thing that gets my blood circulating, my heart pumping, my mind functioning, that wonderful aroma and the flavor of coffee that incites me towards life each day. Well, it just kinda turned on me and sent me running for the toilet... Traitor!

I tried a few more times to work on a blog. The son, feeling better, took care of the cows. Then I just gave up and went to bed. I spent the entire day lost somewhere between sleep and pain. Made a few trips to the toilet and cursed the sandpaper feel of the toilet paper.

Made my way down the steps a few times only to be met by a dizziness not unlike the days when I drank a lot. Then I'd try and drink a little water and have to run back up the steps again. Finally I just gave up and stayed in bed.
The son mentioned food once and I threatened his life if he so much as mentioned it again...

The others that got this we're only ill for about twelve or so hours. Me... No way. Getting old seems to mean that when something does get ya, your gonna have it twice as bad and twice as long!

Yup... Some kinda funny thing that life seems to do to older people. Just another joke that the universe likes to play on us when we are really having a good time and blowing a day off to do it. Yup, mother natures way of spanking us...

Oh well, I had fun and if that's all I had to pay for it, then it was worth it for a day acting like a kid and enjoying the company of relatives and friends!


  1. Oh what a price to pay, but so worth it. I wondered where you were. Sure hope you are up to par now, and completely over being sick! :)

  2. Feeling much better Melodie, thank you!
    Now I'm running all over the web trying to catch up on what I missed... Gee, wonder if I follow to many blogs and sites : )
    Next problem is going to be really good weather when I have to get out and be busy all day.
    What will I do then? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm