Friday, March 18, 2011

One Or Two

Spring is almost here. Soon the cold snowy days of winter will be nothing but a memory. The sun will shine down and warm the ground and the soul. Time to get out and start the garden. Time for the trees to begin to bud for a new season of life. Time for the flowers to push from the ground and prepare to give us a wonderful display of beauty with all their dazzling colors.

Now I guess I'm getting to be an old guy and I like to think I have my mind under control. I've learned through my lifes journey to let things pass that I can have no control of and just accept them. I've learned to change the things I can and learned to find the humor in it all. Well almost all...

With spring comes a renewed passion for life. The desire to get out into the garden and fields. To plant and nurture and see life grow. The want to take walks on warm afternoons in search of wildlife through the fields and woods. Knowing that at the end of the long hot days there will be a cool porch with a comfortable chair to relax in. To listen to the birds sing their comforting songs as I unwind and drift into relaxation before I go to bed.

But still, something is missing. An important something. The something that completes us all. The one thing in this world that leaves many souls lonely.

Lonely for the heartfelt words shared in close chat.
Lonely for the touch of a soft hand in mine as we walk. Or sit watching the sun go down, while sharing the events of our days.

Missing that happy good morning kiss, or warm kiss at the end of the day. The pecks in between with playful love by two hearts with desire to share.

Even lonely for the impending disagreements, that somehow become resolved.

I'm lonely for that time spent together when two unite as one then in the wild abandon, share their innermost words and feelings. That moment when two hearts deeply touch as can't be done at any other time. That snuggle then deep sleep that follows.

Yet in that moment when the profound is shared, there comes the possibility of hurt should one of the two become the enemy.

But my life feels so happy, less that one to hold close. Or is it just confused with contentment, who knows.
Should I reach out in search of that one. Or would it only lead to to the ruin of what I have now...

Maybe that is something we lonely should ponder before we blindly let anyone in...
It's just so easy to let someone in because of inner desires, our wants and our perceived needs.
But would they ruin the happiness of my life, or contentment that I have found...

( I'm not so much looking for answers. More so, leaving this for those in a similar situation to ask themselves when the time is right in their hearts... )

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