Thursday, March 3, 2011

Partner Or Temporary Playmate

He sees her across a crowded room. His eyes soak in her beauty. Her eyes and flowing hair capture his mind. He lowers his eyes and beholds her luscious bosom's. Her gorgeous waist, her beautiful hips. He gazes at her exquisite legs. He raises his eyes only to find he's caught. She's looking at him, looking at her.

She sees his handsome face. His strong looking shoulders capture her and she is drawn to look further. His rigid form impresses her. She smiles.

They slowly work their way across the room, not wanting to appear to be to promiscuous. They finally meet face to face. Simple hello's, flirtatious looks. Names are exchanged and light conversation ensues, they listen to each others words and concentrate on every syllable. Silly words bring smiles and chuckles. Serious words bring interest and inspiration. Comfort sets in. Romance is in bloom.

They date and fun is had by both. They enjoy each others company and they always find something interesting to do. Time passes and they marry. They set up their happy home, life is going to be great. Then the honeymoon is over, reality sets in. Work and paying bills become the most important aspect of life. Now there is little time for the fun and enjoyment of life there once was.

Along comes little ones. Now mom hasn't the time to spend all day trying to look real pretty as she once did. There's housework and trying to keep up with the feeding, diaper changes, and care of children. Running for groceries to feed the family and still keeping the house clean. Refereeing the arguments of children. Answering phone calls from pushy salesmen. Being the entertainment director of the cruse ship for children called home. Trying to create a tasty dinner for her family in the midst of this hurricane of children and daily life. That pretty girl from early on is beat.

Hubby is working every day just to try and keep up with the bills and the added expense of children. He puts up with congested traffic. He tolerates his boss and other workers as they make his day arduous and seem to be only attempting to drive him crazy. But he has to so he can provide for his family and advance. He's beat.

He comes home hoping for silence and looking for that pretty girl he first saw across that crowded room. She too is hoping. Hoping to see that handsome attentive man she met that wonderful evening. But neither are there!

Maybe that sweet girl has a career of her own. Then she too is putting up with the struggles of work. Her life is a struggle for advancement as well. When she comes home she also is longing for that charming man she met.

But instead they find a tired grumpy partner who needs.

It takes two working together to make a marriage work. Two who must share to bring each other happiness. Two who must make each other smile. Two who must comfort each other.

Does the drive towards personal career success break marriages apart? What about family success? Doesn't family matter anymore? Who is going to be there for you when your old?

Is divorce the cure, or would it be better to find a way to spend even a few days a month with each other and be that couple that met and fell in love? Fifteen minutes a day set aside for nothing but each other. A bit of chat with ears wide open like before while sitting and holding hands. You can always find time! If you really want to...

The kids will survive. They'll learn that mom and dad have their time. After the rest and sharing moment the tasks of housework could be shared. While mom is making dinner, dad can take the kids on a clean up expedition. Or even outside for play or a snowball fight.

Start today by finding the time to give each other a hug and kiss.
Then spend your day with a smile!


  1. Love the first couple of paragraphs. However, that took place between me and my horse last week. LOL.... Yes, after that, reality kicks in. I do make it a point to smile, and there's nothing better than a hug, whether it's from a pet, a spouse, a friend, or a family member. One size fits all, and you always get one back! :)