Monday, March 28, 2011

Peace Is A Journey

Ever watch little kids on a playground. The way they accept each other no matter how well they talk, or what they look like. Or even what color their skin happens to be. Long hair, short hair, blonde, brown, black, none of that junk matters. They just enjoy each others company and play. Sharing everything.

Then a few years into their education they become biased. No longer able to accept, rather now filled with dislike for others. He's to fat, her nose is to big, she wears glasses. Look at that funny hair... Oh, don't play with them their poor. Not them either their clothes look weird...

Is it the education? If so lets all get together and protest and write up petitions and riot like back in the 60's and force the government to hear us and put an end to schools! Yay!!!!!
Oops, sorry : ) I may have gotten carried away. Again...

Nah, I don't think it's the education from the schools. It's little Jim Bob Billy and Katie Sue and many others that hear things from parents and others. They hear trash from parents and aunts and uncles. They hear slurs on the streets and in malls. They even see way to much in movies. Then carry that in their minds all the way to the school where they teach it to the others. Same goes for the foul mouthed language.

As a very young boy in the 50's, my dad decided it was time to take his family elsewhere and we moved away. We moved to a small town near a city on the east coast. I met a boy at the school playground and we hit it off. Man we had so much fun playing and talking, yelling and running. But that was during the summer.

When school started and we were in the same class, I buddied up with him and never gave it a thought. He was my first friend and thats all that mattered. We sat in desks near each other and I wasn't alone! Then came lunch time. After lunch we went to the playground. All of the sudden I had kids yelling at me and telling me I shouldn't be playing with him... He was black. (actually they used a far worse term which was prevalently used at the time)

Heck, I'd never even heard that term before. I came from out in the country. From a farm where folks all got along and judged each person by their own merits. We had people who came here looking for work during harvest time and I learned to like and respect everyone of them.

We spent four years in that town and I did buddy around with some other kids but I was never really accepted. All because I was a friend with that ….. kid.
Many years later when I was back in that area for a short time, I did look up one family. They were a family that was much like my own. But I never did look up anyone else.

Things have changed since I was young. They have gotten a little better. Yet there is still such a long way to go. Many more parents today are teaching their children to be open and accepting. Teaching their children we can learn from everyone and associate with anyone who is nice.

It's still gonna take a long time but it makes me glad to see we are at least well on our way. So when your little one comes home and you hear things outta their mouths that you feel don't belong in their minds. What are you doing about it?

Do you talk to them and let them know it's just not right? Do you try and teach them that we are all one people? That the only difference is between bad people and good people?

If you are, smile. If not... Think. Would you want your children to go through the hatred filled times of before... Or do you want them to be another step to a wonderful world of peace...


  1. I'm sending this on to my adult "boys." At one time, in their very young lives, they were the little boy you were, and had the same best friend. It's made them better men. Thank you for the warm memory.

  2. Melodie, thank you! I can only hope that this memory, can help on the journey of all to a much better world...

  3. Its funny, but my children never noticed anything but other children's personalities until other people started to point out physical differences. My little girl, who is white, had a crush on the most gorgeous little boy in her class last year, who happened to be black. I asked her why she liked him so much and she said, "Because he smiles all the time." Best answer ever. :)

  4. Your comment really gives me a warm smile Alicia.
    If we could all only be as smart as our children!