Monday, March 14, 2011

Smile At Why

Now don't get me wrong, these things don't make me mad. Maybe a little angry sometimes but not mad. I find more humor in them than anything.

Driving on the wrong side of the road. Well in this case, pushing your cart down the wrong side of the aisle in a grocery store.
I'm sure you've been there. Trying to get that undesirable task of grocery shopping done and it seems like so many bothersome people can't realize which side of the road they drive on and push their carts in front of everyone else on the right side of the aisle.
Yah, there are no grocery store traffic laws or traffic cops but come on... When everyone else is in one lane, or on one side, can your mind not conceive that maybe you should change lanes???

Then there are the ones that take up the entire aisle while they look for something. Folks, pull to the side of the road and then look. In the least don't give me your dirty looks when I push your cart outta my way. It's not like I'm pushing it to the other side of the store... Though some days I'd like to!
Maybe a game of hide and seek would bring you to your senses...

You also have the people causing traffic jams while standing beside their carts and blocking the entire aisle while they talk on their phones. Then when you say excuse me, they either ignore you or give you dirty looks like your invading their privacy... Get with it! Your in public. You have no privacy in public. In the least get your phone addicted butt outta the way of others.

And while I'm on phones... I don't care about your conversation and I don't wish to hear it. Quit screaming into your phone. Or I will, like I do at times, join in on your conversation and probably say something to really make you want to scowl... I'll even do that in restaurants! No it's not me. It's you who are invading my privacy with your loud mouth.

What's with this addiction to phone crud anyway? Your attempting to do a task. Is that why at the end of your day you get nothing or so little done? If it's important they'll call you back. If not, why not just finish the task at hand???

I have been observing some guys at the store on phones. Maybe this can solve one of lifes problems. I'll hear them describing products and I guess it's to their wives. So OK, if your not sure of what you are supposed to get then why not head off that argument you'll have when you get home with the wrong thing.

How about the people that amble through the aisles in a complete daze. Looking forever at each and every item on each and every shelf.
Have ya ever heard of a shopping list? Try it. Take out a piece of paper. Now get a writing instrument. (a pen or pencil for those that don't understand) Then write down what you need or want. Seriously, it saves a whole lot of time.

Then there's the fondlers... Yah, the ones who have to touch and fondle every piece of fruit or every vegetable before choosing the one they want. I sure hope you have washed your hands before doing this. Then think of those that may not have. Now consider if you really want to be handling each and every one. Heck, I'm about half afraid to buy any myself after seeing you people doing this...

There's more, lots more! But I've ranted long enough for today. So I'll get outta here and let ya go fondle whatever ya want... Have fun! : )
There is humor everywhere. You just have to keep your eyes open and your mind unencumbered by sadness and anger.

Have a fun day even if you have to smile about something disgusting!

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