Saturday, March 12, 2011

Something Different

Some Pic's for ya today!

I'm 12 years old and I sleep till there's food.
Then I eat and go back to sleep!

Yah, they only think I'm trapped,
but I just want some love.

Tell me. How could anyone or anything sleep like that
and still wake up and move? : )

Checkin on those really big dogs out in the barn is hard work.
I need another nap!

OK, I'm awake. How bout a belly rub?

What did ya wake me up for? 

OK, I'm awake. Now lets get to that head scratchin I like.

And he does. Scratch his head and he hops around all happy like!
This guys gonna be fun!
But I was warned he may decide to ignore the fence and join us in the yard...

Dang it. I like to play hide and seek, but they always find me so fast!

Hey! Tell him to get his head out of my feed bucket!

Get outta the way. I'm heading outside. 
All I wanted was some of that tasty feed...
Who's he anyway? I've been here longer.
Haven't ya heard of seniority?

Hrumph... What do you mean no? No my butt. 

I love this attitude. That's gonna be a big battle of wills
between Rodeo and me...
And when it comes to spite he has no shortage.

Hope you enjoyed todays pictures. Like I said, we always find ways to have smiles around here!
Even by imagining what they're thinking. Or gonna be up to next!

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  1. You KNOW I love these pics! I'm a real dog lover, and the calves are adorable! Thanks for sharing your smiles. :)