Wednesday, March 23, 2011


One more time. Talking about myself in this way and pointing out things that I see as weakness or bad point isn't easy. Being insecure is. I don't care who you are you have some kind of insecurities. The strongest most accomplished people I have known have at one time or another left insecurities slip out when we had enough time to talk and let things out.

Tough guys that hide behind their toughness as a mask for being afraid that someone would find out and see just how weak they really are. Business men who secretly tremble because they are scared they will make a mistake and clients will see their doubt and capability of making mistakes. Soldiers who fear letting their comrades down when they need them most. Even the fear of dying. Fathers and mothers that question daily if they are really capable of raising their children. Children feeling they can't please their parents. Teens scared stiff that they might embarrass themselves in front of their peers.

To be human is to have a fear. It's not the fear or insecurity that makes or breaks us. It's the wee bit of courage to climb out and say your piece that will begin to end the hold that insecurity has over you. Start climbing out and you will begin to soar.

Next, I'm overweight. But I really don't care. I enjoy my life and my extra weight doesn't hinder me from what I want to do. I also like to eat. Now when winter comes and I hibernate I gain weight. When spring comes I get back outside on a more regular basis and loose a good bit. So happily it all works out for me.

I also don't dress real pretty. I'm a tee shirt and jeans guy and I like it. I have in the past tried wearing suits and ties, casual shirts and nice dress pants. But I never liked them and finally quit trying to dress for everyone else. My idea of dress up now is a casual shirt and black jeans. I even tell my kids that I will be dressed in tee shirt and jeans when I die or I will come back and haunt them.

I also smoke cigars and will only give them up when I stop breathing. I like them and that's all there is to it. I gave up about all the old vices I had and I'm not giving up any more. I used to drink beer and other alcohol like an endless funnel. I gave that up but replaced it with an endless thirst for coffee. I still have a drink now and then when I want, but just not continuously.

So there ya are. Not only ten, but fourteen things I think are bad about me or are weaknesses. I'm sure I could find more. But I just intended to show that I am by no means even close to perfect. Nor would I want to be. I'm comfortable in my skin, being who I am. I do see things in this world that bother me and I'm not going to sit by and let this life go by without saying something about them when there is something as far reaching and easy as this internet.

We are all just fine the way we are. If some half wit tries to convince you different then the problem is with them. You my friends just go out and prove them wrong. Live your lives to the best of your abilities that you can and enjoy each and every day that your given. You don't need anyone in your life that says your less than perfect.

Think I'm a secure person? Think I have high self esteem? Nope, I'm not, I don't, and anyone can do what I'm doing here. It just takes something to get your desire up and going. For me it's just being fed up with seeing so many people getting hurt and misled by the jerks and bullies of this world.

Now everyone get up and be proud of being the most totally awesome, fantastically wonderful you that you are and remember you are perfect just the way you are! There are more of us than them.
Forget those egotistical jerks that pat themselves on the back for making themselves feel better by putting you down... They truly are the ones that need fixen!

Now go forth and smile the biggest smile you can beam from that beautiful you!!!


  1. Thanks, Ivan. I'm loving life, too. I need to shed a few pounds, and hopefully I will, just for my health, if nothing else. I've begun walking every day and spending time and riding my horse once and twice a week. I gained weight when I took early retirement and stopped smoking. I'm with you, if people don't like huggable me, and my jeans and t-shirts, well, just stay the heck away from me! Imperfections? What imperfections? ☺

  2. Amen Melodie! And here's a big ((((HUG)))) for that huggable you!

  3. Thanks!! Can never have too many hugs, and, they ALWAYS fit!! Back at ya, Ivan! {{{{ }}}}