Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Unwanted Passes

I hear people complaining all the time about customers and the general public that go into a place of business and act rude. They yell and complain and show no respect what so ever. They get angry and end up spoiling the day of a helpless employee and make that employee unhappy.

Ok, I can understand that. I've been in stores, businesses, even the tax office and whitnessed it first hand. How could you not overhear when the volume rivals that of a rock concert? I've even walked up and face to face, told the loud mouths off. Explaining they were yelling and taking their problems out on the wrong person. Now I'm a big guy so they usually make a wise decision and calm down.

Then I also see store customers get mad at the people trying to stock the shelves and move big pallets of food through the aisles. Like doing your job is not tough enough you then have to put up with insensitive customers. The people are just trying to earn a living and keep the shelves stocked so you can buy the goods.

Well... How about that big tractor pulling impliments from one field to another? They are big. But they are designed for power and work, not Indie races. The big engine's horsepower must be transferred to the wheels in such a way that the power transfers to the ground to pull those big pieces of equipment as they do their work. So speed is useless and power is king.

We're in a hurry too. We would like to get to those fields and get our work done. We're fighting time and in a race against the weather. If it rains we can't work. The soil would turn to mud, the mud would be packed to rock like consistancy. Time is an issue also. Plant to late and crops will not have time to grow.

Harvest to late and you may lose the crop. Just like the fresh vegetables and fruit in your fridge that don't get used quick enough, many crops will rot. There is a good chance that road your driving on was once a dirt road used only by us to get to those fields.

We're not going very far. We're not going to slow you down any longer than is absolutely necessary. Your rushing to try and pass us is a risk for an accident. The tractors are long and the equipment behind is longer. That equipment is also wide. There is no place for us to go if you try and pass and someone is coming the other way. We also can not see you coming from behind while your trying to pass until it's to late.

Your life and safety, someone coming the other way's life and safety, and our life, safety and livelihood are all at risk. Now suppose it's a school buss that comes over the knoll... How many more people would you be putting at risk? How many family members would you possibly be leaving to grieve?

Spring and fall folks. Just like you should be doing for the school busses, leave a little earlier to get where your going. We have a job to do too.

So next time you see that guy or lady, up there on that tractor. Don't get angry and start blowing your horn and showing us your IQ. Instead smile and wave when we pull off the road and go on your merry way. Please???


  1. I have a friend who is a mother of five and works full time at a grocery store. Her husband works as well, but without her salary they could not make ends meet. She is a very intelligent and kind human being who just so happens to work at a grocery store. She is often frustrated by customers who talk down to her and treat her as a servent. I know that we all have busy lives, but one moment of kindness toward a store worker will make you feel better and let someone else feel good about their job. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people drive like idiots. I have the sheriff's office on speed dial for as many people as I call in for reckless driving here. LOL Seriously though, all it takes is kindness and consideration to make your own day and someone else's better.

  2. So true! Happiness begins within and returns when we begin to give.
    Love that speed dial idea : )