Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Back to this. I guess an easy one would be that even after all these years I fall for a dare. Yup, an older guy still stuck with a younger guys mentality. Dares can be a lot more dangerous than this and many are down right stupid. I don't fall for the really stupid dares anymore but some come close. Like having a back thats full of pain but still trying to keep up with the younger guys. Like having a son who gives you one of those your to old for that looks and just having to prove him wrong... I know I shouldn't, I know I'll be hurting, but I do it anyway. Sometimes spending a day or so not being able to move after.

Compulsiveness. Now this isn't something that goes on all the time, but when I start into something I drive people crazy when I can't quit until it's done. Let me run into a problem and unless your talking about that problem I probably won't even hear a word you say. Oh yes, the sound goes by, but I more than likely will never really hear a word you say.

But I always did like to be challenged. And nothing can be more challenging than a problem without a clear solution. That gets my creative juices flowing and my heart purring like a kitten. Then I keep chugging away like the little train. I think I can, I think I can, I know I can, I know I can... Then all of the sudden the light bulb glows, I've got it! Then comes the urge to prove, if even to myself, that I do in fact got it.

Heck, I'm even doing that with a project I'm working on for the blog. Friday I was lost doing research for it. Asking questions, checking back for answers. Googling for information, note taking. Then the phone rang... My daughter wanted me to come over for lunch. Well she mentioned the grandchildren. Now how could I pass that up? I went. Spent some time and talked with her and the son in law, played a bit with the grandkids. But then came home and was on the computer until almost eleven thirty...

Then there are different seasons of the year that things just must be done. When the sun is shining you just have to work. The weather can only be counted on to mess ya up. Hay making time is probably about the worst. Just a little rain can ruin a crop of hay and then you may have to buy enough to feed through the winter. And the SOB's that sell it know the got ya by the uh, yah... I'm sure you get the point!

Now I'm not this bad all the time, but it has made people leave my life... I can't fault them. Sometimes I wonder if they do understand, or really care enough to want to. But this way of life isn't for everyone and I can understand that. Heck, I couldn't stand to be cooped up in some little office all day and not be outdoors. And I'll never understand people who can spend months in their houses watching TV in their spare time. I just gotta get out!

I also have a problem with what I call “winter lazy”. This has come on over the last five or so years... Maybe getting older and stiffer has a lot to do with it. But cold hurts the bones. I could be satisfied with hibernating like a bear. If I could get away with that, I probably would. It's only the need for groceries that gets me out and about when shopping. But I'm pretty sure I could find a way to store up enough groceries to last all winter. But I can't teach the critters to feed theirselves or get their own water. So being totally dormant is out of the question. But my “winter laziness” does drive some up the walls.

Darned. I was hoping to get that number ten on here too today. But I see I've gone on long enough. So I'll be back next week with at least that last thing I see as a weakness in myself.
Like I said, I'm not perfect and wouldn't want anyone to think I am. I have my faults and insecurities like anyone else. We're all just human. I can't wait until next week so I can rub this dare in to the one who said I couldn't do this...

So get out there and smile! Heck we're all messed up in some way or another. Just learn to accept that and find something to smile about!

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