Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Good Men

I've heard it said that all the good men are gone. The men that know how to treat a woman like a lady just don't exist any longer. Well, it's really not totally true.
Just as many men would like to find a good woman, that good woman who can treat a guy like a gentleman is really hard to find.

Not all men are bad just like not all women are bad. But there are just so many people out there in the world that are, well, not quite what we're looking for.
Decent guys are just as lost and confused as decent women.
Good men go out looking for good women and what do they find...

Women who will put him down, laugh at him, or even call him silly for acting like a gentleman. Some even will call him a chauvinist for holding a door or helping her into a car. Women who don't respect a guy who acts nicely and seem to want a guy who's nothing but, Mr. Right Now. Yup, the guy who's all the fun at a party and has women falling over each other trying to get him.

They meet a woman at a bar and they hit it off. Next thing ya know they wind up together. Then just when he thinks she feels as serious about him as he does about her, he finds out it was only a one night stand. Or he was just the one she was spending time with and scratching her itch while she was waiting for something better to come along.

Decent men run into women with appetites for s** that are insatiable. Some that are kind of, or really super kinky. Even some who seem to delight in receiving abuse or even giving it. Now that last one I don't get??? But it exists!

Many that are out to see if they can score a guy with a never ending supply of money. So when they find that he has to work for money that comes slowly, they drop him like a hot rock and run looking for someone else.

They also run across lazy women who like to do pretty much nothing when it comes to cleaning a house or facing lifes mundane tasks. The ones that seem to be living only to party and live without a care in the world. Also women that are like some guys and can vegetate all day and watch TV. The couch potatoes.

I could go on and on finding other ways that many, even way to many women make all women look bad. Same as how way to many men make all men look bad. But I'm sure you can come up with plenty more without my help.
So men face the same problem as women. Where are the good ones.

Sure wish I knew! I myself live a life in which there is no special someone and live alone, not even trying because of a deep fear that I'll only find another that I'm not compatible with and be left feeling like garbage again. History has shown this to be all that is there for me so I guess I leave it to luck.

Church? Uh hu. There are many of these people who go to church and it ends up only being a mask to the person they really are. Or their, I don't know, maybe to perfect. The prudes of the world... People who can't have fun without feeling everything they do is an unpardonable sin. Yet another type that don't fit in my life.

Guess what we need to find is a place where we can meet people like ourselves, but where would that be... Even well meaning friends and relatives can be blinded and can't see what's behind the masks of many people. Or want to aim us at people that don't really fit us.

So men try too and end up living with all the same mass confusion...
I'm not saying anything is wrong with anyone who may fit what I've mentioned above. It really does take all kinds to make this world. But not necessarily to complete our lives.
Even us guys have to kiss many toads until at last we may find our princesses.

There is not one darned thing that is wrong with us. We are all perfect in what we are, we're all wonderful individuals, so get those thoughts outta your head.
So I guess just smile and know that we are not alone, because we are not, and there is always that thing called hope!

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