Friday, April 1, 2011

To Much Thought

Feeling heartbroken? Check out that new heartbreak page that was added up top. See if it helps you to understand. See if it helps. I hope it does...

So anyway... I've had some thoughts about all this thinking!

I'm a thinker. I like to learn and then I like to think about what I learn to decide for myself how to deal with different things.
Well, being alone there is no way to bounce ideas off of someone to see if they sound right or even get a different perspective from someone else.

Then there are the days when you have so many thoughts rushing around your head, you wish you had someone to break the thinking, yes, interrupt those thoughts so you could just take a vacation from them!

Other people having problems can make me think. Their problems go through my mind while it's searching for ways to help. Searching for words that could encourage. Or even sympathetic words to help soothe their pain they feel.
Sometimes I ponder how I would feel and what I would do if I were in their shoes...

Sometimes someone's thoughts give me ideas for a blog. Those I like!!!
Uh, so comment, you may be able to see that for yourself...

Some thoughts can be silly.
When alone with my thoughts, I can decide something is really serious. Then while thinking come up with all the ways it is. I can spend hours coming up with ways to fix them.
Then when I finally have the chance, tell someone!
They point out just how silly it really is...

Some thoughts can be dangerous.
It's so easy to have a pain, or even a bad ache or a strange physical feeling and then while thinking about it, come up with the old “this too shall pass”. When you really could have benefited from someone telling you otherwise...

Some thoughts can be sexy and leave you in need of a cold shower!

Recently while working on that new page on my blog, I was doing research and studying and pondering my own life experiences. While doing so I guess I stumbled on some junk that was hidden deep in my mind... I became very sad. There was no one to help ease my pain or even help to bring back my smile. So some thoughts are sad.

Sometimes you can have a thought of a memory. Then all of the sudden you break out laughing and no one else knows why. But try as you might you can never explain why so they can see the humor too. Yup, those “you had to be there” moments...

But maybe the worst of all???
There are the times when your caught discussing the thoughts all by yourself
and people think your nuckin futs : )

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