Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm Back

And life goes on... Tragedy happens, death occurs, sadness abounds but yes, life goes on.
Make the most of each and every day, let others know your love for them, never miss a chance to give a hug and kiss to those you love for tomorrow may never be...
Plan as if you'll live forever but live as if each day is your last.

My heart feels sorrow for my first X wife. She's lost someone who was her love. Her fishing and hunting buddy. A guy she enjoyed life with and who made her feel whole.

For her or anyone else in this or a similar situation, there are no magic words to make them feel better. I often wonder what I could possibly say to help ease the burden of losing someone. I've been there myself and even then there were no words that could be said that would have helped. All I could say was that if she needed an ear, I'd be here to listen. A shoulder to cry on, mine are big. If she or my children needed anything, just let me know and I'll do what I can. That's normal for me to say, but that never seems like enough. I would just like to find something to say that would make everything better.

As for anyone out here that wonders why a guy would feel that way about an X... Well, get your head out of your butt. You shared a past! Just because you may have been a bad couple doesn't necessarily make either of you bad people. My question is how could you be so cold that you could not care?
Then if your like me you have children. Are you willing to throw your children, young or older, under your freight train of hatred? Hmm, not me...
Just what is it we have to live for if it's not to make others lives better?

Now comes the time, still filled with sorrow and hurt, when all the stupid legal garbage has to be dealt with. Just why does the government feel that everything people have worked for is theirs? Why do we have to take careful steps to make sure our families get what is ours when we pass? Why isn't everything just theirs?

I dislike attorneys. I've only known two in my life that I have confidence in. Only two out of many that have instilled a feeling of trust in my mind. But this is a time for a good one. When filled with sorrow and hurt a good attorney can be the best guide through the legal jungle that one could have. But I've known of many attorneys that are nothing more than vultures waiting for their chance at the remains of a persons life, leaving the family with meager scraps... Finding a good one when you head is messed up is also a dangerous challenge.

To me though, family is important and should be there for each other no matter if they are close or not. When push comes to shove who else will you ever really have... So I'm here, with open non judgmental ears, a big shoulder to cry on and here to help in any way I can that I am able to.

Next week, ugh... Back to finishing that ten things about me challenge. I really do dislike that but... I will finish the final four no matter how much humiliation I feel.

Take the day and ask yourself if your sharing you with those that matter the most to you... And think about looking now for an attorney that can be trusted to really be looking out for you.

But by all means, smile and share that smile by making someone else smile!


  1. You're right, Ivan. Anyone who shared your past with you deserves your kindness forever...even if it didn't work out. I enjoy reading your blog. Take care, Naughty Mom ;)

  2. Hi Alicia! Thank you for your wonderful comment and welcome to my insanity : )
    I really enjoy your blog too!