Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's Wrong With Her

I talked about differences in women that cause confusion to men on Tuesday in the “Good Men” post. So I decided to day to go ahead and talk about another problem of the relationships between men and women.

There are women who, uh, like it rough. Some like kinky. Even some who ? like abuse... I really don't even like saying that but it is true. I think that's strange and it's definitely out of my scope of posibilities but it does exist. I did meet one a long time ago. We seemed to connect. Well, when we were finally about to make the ultimate connection she asked for something I could not believe. Uh, lets just say, at that point I could not carry on. I talked to her to try and understand, then left her down as easily as possible and left! I do sometimes bump into her and we can talk and even have a drink together. She's a really nice person other than that one thing, but that is to much for me.

Some women like wine and roses, some who will scowl at a man if he so much as tries to hold a door for her. There are women that like constant loving attention. There are also women who get angry with more than a peck on the cheek every day.

There are women that like to be lavishly dressed up and some who are comfortable in sweat suits, even a few in PJ's all day. All kinds of women with all sorts of varying tastes. Once again... No different than all kinds of guys.

For the most part a guy doesn't know exactly what it is his chosen woman wants. But in todays hurried society where we can't wait to walk down the aisle and get married, where is the time to get to know each other? Knowing and understanding are not magical. They take time.

If your loving wife is getting angry with you, maybe you had better pay a little attention and really find out who she is. No... Not her name. You did already learned that. The last name is probably the same as yours. Not what she looks like either. You saw that when she first caught your eye.

I'm speaking of the intricacies that make her the woman, no the person she is. If you dated her for a while you probably know what kind of food she likes. Even her preferences for drinks. But have you ever really learned if she likes to be looked at, day in and day out, like a sex object.

She may even like to play little bedroom games. Do you know that. Is that her preference or is that just a once in a while thing? Maybe her bedroom demeanor is a little cold. But would she still like to be kissed and hugged before you leave and again when you come home? Maybe that's why she's cold later...

Even though she was having a bad day once and told you to shut up. Doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't like to talk to you. I'm sure you have bad days... But do you know? For sure??

Take a little time and quit agreeing with the guys at work and the gym. Find out who your one and only really is. Learn how to be a partner and she may be a surprising partner to you. If... If you don't, then don't be surprised if her mind begins to wander. She may be longing for what she desires.

Let that wondering go on for to long and your gonna lose her. There may be a wall built up because of the hurt that you can never climb. There may also be some guy that catches her eye and he already knows how to steal her away and make her really happy.

Get off your butts guys. Get your heads outta your rumps. She's a woman, a whole woman and nothing but a woman. But women are people too.
Learn what that woman really is all about!

Now get out there and whistle a happy tune and smile.
But when ya get home go to school. Do it today.
Here's smiling at you kid!

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