Monday, October 31, 2011


Saturday morning what did I wake to find

The ground was being covered by snow. Already there was snow covering and clinging to the power lines and tree limbs.

This is towards the south from my sun porch, which was not sunny all weekend. Well until very late Sunday afternoon.

Just a little closer from the same window.

This one from my living room door facing east. The ground and the road both disappeared later in the day.

Now I'm used to having snow during the winter season. But when we get four to five inches for halloween I do become frightened. Is this mother natures way of saying boo? Or is it her trick because I don't have a treat for her?

We normally do have a little snow or rain for halloween. Honestly I can't remember a halloween here where we did have nice weather.
But a snow storm in October that has brought down power lines...

After the strangely wet summer we had I'm a bit worried. I don't mind some snow. Really I do enjoy seeing fields covered in pristine snow. I like after hard winds when the fields are covered with drifted snow that lays in waves that look like an ocean frozen in time.

But after the strange weather patterns we've had this year so far, are we in for a winter that will give us snow to deep to keep plowed? Will I again see the road impassible for over a week at a time?

This could be one interesting winter...

Think maybe I'll finish stocking up the cupboards with plenty of extras and maybe even increase the amount of fire wood just in case the power goes out for more than just a few days. Might be a good idea to put new oil in the oil lamps and have some of that oil on hand also.

Living out in the country teaches you to depend on no one but yourself. You don't have the luxury of blaming others when others aren't around to blame...

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