Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nirvana At Last

Went to mow the lawn yesterday afternoon. It's rained a lot here this summer and my lawn is beginning to look like a field. More rain is predicted and it's to start again later today. Well one of the mandrel's on the mowers deck broke. That wasn't really to much of a surprise, my son picks up or moves nothing when he mows. If he see's a large stick he just grinds it up as he mows.

Thing is, I said my oh sh-t's, took the riding mower to the garage, jumped in my truck and drove a half hour and got a new mandrel.

Several days ago I was attacked by some hurting sole. I was accused of seeking women here on the blog and on the internet. That played dirty tricks with my mind for a bit. But I thought about my purpose here and I'll just carry on. I even sent the culprit an e-mail and even got an apology of sorts.

Thing is, I said my oh sh-t's, thought a little and moved on.

There have been other things happening in my life lately and with each and every one of them I say my oh sh-t's and move on.

Not a one of them is really making me angry...

I even had to make out a big check for estimated taxes and send it off to the state. Even that was done without anger. Woke up this morning and my back hurt like mad. Even that didn't anger me, I just made up a song about it and was singing away.

I seem to be reaching that mystical state of nirvana!

There is just nothing about things that go wrong or not my way that I can do other than fix them as they arise and rear their ugly heads. So somewhere along the path I seem to have lost the nasty ability to get really angry.

Guess my smiling ways are getting very powerful and are keeping the demons of anger away. Hmm, maybe the demons of anger can't stand against smiles and happiness.

But I've found that when we consume food and relish in the wonderful flavors, poop just pops out.
Not exactly any brilliance there but think about it.
It's really no different with life. As we consume life and enjoy, poop just pops out.

Where is the sense in allowing it to anger us... Best to just laugh at it, wipe it up and move on to the next game we can play.

As I recall, when I didn't find the humor in lifes poop there was much more of it.

Best to just keep on smiling!
So as little poop balls pop out of your life just laugh and smile and be glad it's not on a constant run...

So hey, how about clicking on that Join button and showing us your smiling face. We're all family here in this world. We all have similar problems and lives. We all put up with idiotic decisions made by our governments. But we all need each other to make a better world possible...

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