Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Was thinking about doing a study of boredom. But I only got bored...

I'm kind of wondering why so many people get bored. I get bored with little daily routine things while I'm doing them. But actual down right boredom?
I just can't understand that.

There is an entire world of wonder to explore. Not everything costs a lot of money. Some are even free for the taking or doing. Taking a walk through nature is free. Seeing all the beauty there is free. Hearing all the sounds there is free. Sitting and being mesmerized by a flowing stream with it's babbling sounds is free.

Sitting on a park bench can be amusing. Watching all the silly people in such a hurry to get nowhere as they bustle about. Observing the looks they get on their face. Hearing them trying to hold conversations while thinking no one can hear or is listening. Seeing young guys checking out young girls, seeing young girls checking out guys.

There is not a comedy show on TV that is as amusing as watching people as they go through their everyday lives.

Heck, I can take a cup of canned corn and scatter it on the lawn and sit and watch birds as they come to the limbs of the trees and scout out for danger before flying down to dine. Then seeing them being protective as other birds try to gather to join in on the bounty.

Sometimes I honestly think people want to be bored.
They seem to marinate in melancholy and really don't want a way out.

When you try to show them the things around to do, they only say that sounds boring. You can tell them a story, a funny story. For a few minutes they smile with twinkling eyes, yet as soon as your through they go back to sad...

Sad is not bad. Sad is to allow you to think of what is making you sad and find how it fits in your life. It teaches you what to stay away from if your willing to listen. It helps you get over people who leave all to soon. Sometimes sad can start out being sad and as your thinking sadly about someone you remember a good thing, a happy memory and sad turns into a smile.

But to sit and wallow in a sty of sadness? Stay mired in quicksand of sad for hours, days or weeks?
Where is the sense in that? How can an open mind stay dwelling in sad? How can an open mind be bored?

Open that mind to what exists around you! Or could it be you just want people to pity you... Are you really looking for that magical mystery being to come and relieve you of your boredom?

If you are how will you ever see them if your sitting there in your boredom and sadness hiding in your room?

Oh well, guess boredom and sadness will live long and prosper, but not here where I dwell. I'll be smiling and playing in this world of wonder and which holds so much to do I'll never get to it all in this lifetime.

Why not join in by finding what you can and telling us all about it? I for sure would love to hear. If you want, take some pictures and e mail them here to the blog.

If your willing to share, just put “pics to share” in the subject line and I'll add them to the blog. That could be a really fun way to share.

So hey, how about clicking on that Join button and showing us your smiling face. We're all family here in this world. We all have similar problems and lives. We all put up with idiotic decisions made by our governments. But we all need each other to make a better world possible...

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