Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thank You For That Wonderful Dance

Wouldn't it be great if mute buttons worked on people?
How about pause buttons for those who never shut up?
Or rewind buttons worked on life?

Last Thursday the big dog Lakai broke his chain. It never even slowed him down. He ran straight for the chicken pen and then chased all around the outside scaring the chickens inside.

If I could have hit a pause button he would have been stopped. But no, no pause. I had to go and retrieve that fool. I had what was left of his chain in one hand along with a bowl from scraps I had taken out for the chickens and my cane in the other.

Actually the chain was still quite long so I really wrapped it around my hand a few times to pick up the slack and keep him close.

As I was turning to walk back to the house to fix his chain a chicken couldn't resist the temptation of the lovely vegetable scraps and came out it's door. Well, when the dog saw the chicken he wanted to play some more.

So there was an old guy being pulled and twisted around. The scrap bowl went flying and it took everything I had to dance along for about twenty or thirty feet trying not to fall and stay on my feet.

My actions made the dog afraid and he ran even harder and faster. I might have given in and let go of the chain but it was still wrapped around my hand...

When I finally did regain my balance and get stopped I didn't know whether to laugh my butt off or scold the dog. But I drug him back towards the lost bowl and scolded him at the same time.

Did he hear my angry words? NO! All he could do was keep pulling towards the chickens. I finally did get the bowl and while still scolding him, went back to the house.

I found a repair link and fixed the chain. Think I scolded him the entire time I worked on it. I really doubt that it did much good though...

I would have loved that to have been caught on video. I'm sure I would be rewinding that video until it wore out. That had to be one of the funniest stumblings of all time.

But... Getting older is again no fun. This older body does not appreciate being twisted and turned and drug and stumbled while high stepping across a lawn. It took a few days, but the wonderful dance has caught up. My back is again in dire pain and my neck is not far behind.

Yet I could at least have something to make me chuckle if it just would have been recorded. I'm sure I was as graceful as a three legged, drunken cow in a field full of holes...

So as I relive the magical dance the dog and I had across the lawn in my mind, I hope you smile and have a great day!
Who did you dance with lately?

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