Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What's That

Ohhh, Ahhh, Ohhh, Eeee, Ooo, Nooo, Yes, Yes, Ohh God. Ahh, yes. That feels soooo gooood.

Sounds from my bedroom...

No... I'm alone and believe me I'm “not” having a good time!

After finally settling in a few nights ago it dawned on me. The sounds I make when my aching spine first begins to settle onto the mattress could be misinterpreted for someone having pleasure and not in the throws of pain.

Gee am I glad I don't have close neighbors...

Now the sounds, or should I say words I use in the morning when I first attempt to stand... Well I do try and keep things here that I wouldn't mind children reading. So those I will keep to myself.

Yes, the dance with the dog is still having a very bad effect.
I am so tired because of the lack of a proper nights sleep and rest that my mind refuses to work for anything but the basic hum drum of living.

The sense of humor is suffering. The pangs of hunger are gone. Food, no matter what it is or how good it may look, is just food. There are things that have made me laugh, but that laughter brings on pain.

It has gotten better, yet not better enough, quick enough. As I recall though grandpap healed slower too at this age. Drugs, other than over the counter, are just not an option with me so I just take it as easy as possible and know I will eventually heal. Again...

Over the past few weeks the blog has been more a struggle than a pleasure. I can't find much humor. I can't even complain in my normal way. Keeping up with daily chores is a burden. But they still need to be done.

Before the snow came the other day, we had a few nice days. I had the urge to go for a ride on the four wheeler. But knowing the results of bumping around I decided that would not be such a good thing to do.

Just walking out to feed and water is more than can be easily dealt with. So taking a walk to enjoy the fall scenery and weather is out.

So I rest on my rump, cruise around on the web, and just try to find things to keep my mind occupied.
I did have my son help to pick the last of this years tomatoes and peppers from the garden. Made enough sauce for three meals. Have some peppers to stuff which I'm planning on doing tomorrow.

What do you do when your laid up? How do you keep from getting bored?

By my estimate I have about a week of this to get through yet. I believe I have enough to keep me busy enough still to not lose my mind. But my curiosity makes me ask.

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