Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Lonely, The Lost

I read something someone wrote this morning and had a brief discussion with them. They fancy theirself a Goth. Maybe I'm a bit silly, but I see little difference between a Goth, Loner, Hippie, or even a biker. They are all people who live their life their own way and with the exception of a few radicals who are only out for their own selfish amusement, are not harming people in any way. One must look beyond the radicals in every walk of life to see the real people that are there. Even the church has had it's radicals and still does...

I've been classed in all these groups at one time or another during my life. Just because I dare to live outside of what society calls normal. But other than Hippie, I've proudly held those titles as badges of honor and even hippie was held close because of why I was called that.

After the conversation I was out and busy with some work. But the conversation was still on my mind. As anyone who reads this blog with any regularity knows, my head may be the “king of scattered thought”...

Well, I had to stop what I was doing and come in and write down what was falling out of those thoughts. So I also decided I'd share it with you here. Hope you enjoy or even just maybe become enlightened.

Being original being me
Quite often leaves me alone in a sea
A sea of people who live with fear
Of offending someone who they think is dear

Yet people who are truly dear
Are people who live not in their fear
But reach out and touch their wildest dreams
Strive to achieve their craziest schemes

Not in a way that would hurt someone else
But in a way that is of them self
Questioning all that society holds dear
And locks their lives in dreaded fear

Jealousy rears it's ugly head
When they won't consider their ideas are dead
Having no feeling they can call their own
Only being what can be called a drone

People of compassion step out of that box
To where inventors invent to where writers do flock
They shut off the sounds of doubters sad words
Words that discourage don't need to be heard

So often looked at as strange and then feared
Scolded by people who know only tears
Told we are wrong for holding so near
The freedom society claims to hold dear

Now I'm getting old my hairs getting gray
So before I come to my final day
I'd like to tell all those of my kind
Learn to laugh as society whines

Shrug off that feeling that you don't belong
And live your life while singing your song
You are the great ones they someone will say
They wish they could have been during their day

Use your compassion as you see fit
Do not be bothered by unthinking twits
For near your end you too will find
We all turn to dust but what we leave behind

Leave behind words that help others see
They too will be lonely but they can be free
They too will find others who believe they are real
And in their end its the smile they will feel

Knowing they lived a life that was real
Not being a tin soldier lost in a field
Knowing the courage to last and endure
In their final days will feel very sure

Leave behind toys for people to play
Inventions to help as they go through their days
Memories in people that that will live long
Even after their body is gone

Words things and knowledge only outsiders can find
By not allowing their mind to be tied up in a bind
Compassion that society someday will find
A remarkable thing that will confuse their mind

They'll only wish they could feel as we do
Or have the courage to feel anything but blue
When we are long past is when they will find
That remarkable things come from unfettered minds

So dare to be different
Dare to be true
To the one that matters
The one that is you

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