Thursday, October 6, 2011


Fall is here. It made it's entrance with rain and cold. I get that old spring fever, yet when fall arrives I seem to get fall fever. Might be because the work and busy days of summer are winding down and in my mind I know winter is coming.
All I have today is something that kind of fell out of my mind a few days ago.
I'm adding it here so others that are alone will maybe not feel so alone.
Hope you enjoy it.

Been so long that I've been alone
Children are raised now I'm on my own
I see hope and wonder through grand childrens eyes
Teach them things that I've found wise

Yet a sadness fills my very soul
The walls that were built are beyond control
I fight not to teach them of pain I've learned
It's a trap that's something of my own

Each boulder was placed one at a time
With each pain I've endured along the line
The outer armor to protect the stone
Over the years it's thickness has grown

My walls have a roof, even sun can't shine
To feed flowers of hope over time
Even the rain can't fall from above
To water parched seeds of love

When I hear a soft voice call
My heart seems to tremble within these walls
I curl up in a great big ball
As I hide behind my well crafted walls

Memories of feelings call from the past
Making me want a love that will last
Giving me urges to once again share
Making me long for someone who will care

What would I offer to someone who would be so bold
To chisel at a crack in my walls so cold
A soul that's old and nearing an end
A body filled with pain that sometimes won't bend

A person who's content to talk with some cows
Or chat with the chickens once in a while
Someone who can take a walk in the woods
Who thinks that only nature is good

A fool that can spend an entire day
Watching waves on a shore or the quiet of a bay
Who thinks the best music comes from the trees
As they whistle and hum with the breeze

Someone who would rather watch wild rabbits at play
Than see a show that's produced on broadway
Who hears a concert when coyotes howl
Who sees the majesty even in gray clouds

One not content when out in a crowd
With all of the shouting being so loud
One who when shopping shakes his head
While hearing and seeing lives he would dread

Others come into my world to play
But they feel it's boring at the end of the day
If with them I should share my heart
It only brings pain when we later part

Walls were put up to protect from that pain
Maybe I'll never find that love again
So at times my eyes become full of tears
As I recall good memories from over the years

Somehow I'm sure that out in this world
There is one who sees life in the warm and the cold
There lives someone who could be for me
Who sees all the beauty in the things I see

But I suspect she too has her walls
Erected from pain and all of lifes falls
Put up so carefully built up so tall
Yet we'll never meet, those walls won't fall.

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