Friday, October 28, 2011

Good, Bad and Indifferent

Maybe I'm a goofy old soul, but I tend to believe there is good in all people. I think if you really look deep into people that are evil you will find some good. I believe each and every day has good. Our assignment is to find it.

Many people for some reason, hide there good. Maybe they are afraid of rejection. A fear of being laughed at. Fear of being ignored. Possibly a dismal lack of self confidence. I hear many who say they are lonely, yet they don't reach out and even seem to reject people who try and reach them.

What good is your good if you don't share that good...
Sharing good makes other people feel good. Sharing the good helps open other peoples eyes to good they may not be aware of.

Fear of rejection and fear of being ignored. Well they are something I feel every day as I write another post. Many posts seem to go ignored when I look at the comment count. Am I being ignored or rejected?

Could be, yet I see high numbers of readers when I look at the stats. So silly me is believing that I reach many, but that many just have a fear of leaving comments. Comments though are always welcome and very appreciated.

Fear of being laughed at is always there. There are times I know I'm sounding funny and hope I am being laughed at. There are other times I'm trying to be serious and pass on what I feel is helpful. If I'm laughed at for that then so be it. I made an attempt to pass on something I felt might be helpful to someone.

Self confidence is not a major issue for me. I'm in no way as self confident as anyone might imagine. It's more that I just don't know enough to or when to shut up. I'm sure my kids would openly tell you that. Often times I may anger people with my words. Well, that is their problem. If they don't like what I have to say they are welcome to leave. They also don't need to ask my opinion. I do not give answers or opinions to be liked. Only what I honestly believe or think.

The first step out of loneliness is a step outside your comfort zone. Reaching out may get troublesome if some fool uses your words against you. But in the immortal words, those that matter don't mind and those that mind don't matter. No one should be hushed that has anything to say to add to any discussion. That is after all how we learn and gain understanding of opposing views.

Somewhere in this big world there is someone who is a lot like you. If you do not step out of your comfort zone, you will never find them. It could even be your neighbor, but if you don't open your door and say hi, you'll never get to know them.

There is good in this world and there are good people. The only way to find good is be open and look for the good when you are having problems with day to day life. The only way to find good people is to go out and kiss all the toads you find until a prince comes along. Or in the very least communicate with as many as you find while searching out the good ones.

Without leaving your comfort zone you can never find good, only what is already there. How long can what you have keep you smiling?

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