Monday, October 17, 2011


There is this old tread mill I bought when my son was playing football during his junior high school years. His intentions were to use it to keep in top shape during bad weather and the off season.

I ended up using it more than he did until my hip and lower back got worse and walking to much became more pain and agony than it was worth. If I'm going to suffer I would rather it be from long walks or hikes through the woods.

Somehow walking while looking at walls or staring out windows just does nothing but bore the living crap outta me...

I was sitting here on another wonderful rainy day ( can't take much more of this rain...) and decided to go to the kitchen for another cup of lifes go juice. Coffee!!! Have I mentioned lately I love coffee???

As I passed by the treadmill which now does nothing but collect dust, give spiders a place to build incredible webs and stub my toes... I had a thought!

After many years of living and every day doing many of the same boring routine things I am soooooooooooooo bored with taking showers. I will not take a bath! It's just redistributing the dirt around and equalizing it on my skin...

And I have very complete memories of the days when dad would get a bath, then mom then me and finally my brother. Being green? No conserving water and not wasting by all using the same filthy water! But that's just the way it was in those days. And some wish for the good old days???

Anyway back to that thought. Showers have gotten to be really boring. So as I looked at that monster residing on my sun porch I began to dream.

Car wash!

Maybe I could figure a way to place that darned thing in the basement. Rig up big spinning brushes with soapy spray. A nice brush that would not only scrub my back but would also massage it on the way through. (Heaven) Complete with a final spray of clean rinse water.

I could walk through the basement door, Peel of the grubby clothes and toss them in the direction of the washing machine. Push a button to activate everything. Step onto the treadmill and ride my way to cleanliness. All in a mater of seconds!

Just add a big fan or two on the other end as blow driers. Grab a towel and wrap it tight and make my way up the steps.

Clothes would be where they need to be, I'd be clean and wouldn't have a chance to sit and dwell on the boredom of taking a shower. All in the mater of seconds! Heck, that just might make getting a shower fun!

I could add a coin slot just like a car wash and make some money from my son... Oh yah... Never mind, he'd just borrow the quarters from me...

But I still like that idea of a automated me wash!

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