Friday, October 7, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

So what are you doing this weekend?
The wet cold weather we were having here has finally broke and the weatherman is saying it's supposed to be nice for about a week. So I know what I'll be doing. It's time to play catch up with crops and work.

It's also the time of year here in the north to get those gardens cleaned up. Pull those old plants that are finished with their jobs for the year and add them to the compost. Time to get any remaining vegetables picked and canned.

With all the rain we've had here it's also time to get that huge lawn mowed and back in control. Seriously there may be spots where I could bale hay...
No big deal though, that too will make great compost for the garden.

Time also to clean out the flower gardens that were such a big waste this year. Since they were planted it has either been to wet, to hot and dry or back to being drowned. There was some beauty, but not as in normal summers.

Field crops in this area have suffered. Many that were planted late have not done well, some that were planted early were drowned as seed or were washed out leaving fields sparse.

What finally did get planted and what grew, were then hit with to much heat and dry weather. I think I said it before here, but I really don't think anyone around here will lose anything, yet they will not make much, if any profit.
It's just been one of those years that things didn't go well.

Even the apple trees here shed their apples when it got so dry. My grapes did the same. Only thing that did do well were the weeds. Really! I do have to find a way to make them taste good...

Trees we cut last fall for fire wood and to thin the woodlots and left lay to dry, are rotted kind of bad. But we still are cutting them up for firewood. We'll just have to cut and stack more to get through the winter.

That wood will still burn but will take twice as much to make the heat we usually get and the fire will have to be tended twice as often. It's more a matter of adding good with the bad. Kinda just like life...

There are pumpkin festivals and fall foliage festivals going on around here this weekend. But I believe I will be to busy to attend any of them.
There are probably some of the same taking place where you live. Why not attend them this weekend.

Or maybe just a walk through the woods. The wonderful, colorful autumn displays of the trees makes that feel like walking through a wonderland.
Watching for squirrels who are trying to store up food for winter. Seeing bunnies that are filling their bellies on what they can find in preparation for winter.

There is just so much to do during the fall. Just open your eyes and mind and enjoy this big playground we call earth. Soon the winter and it's snow and cold will be here. If your anything like me you'll be sitting somewhere warm watching the snow. Might as well get out and have some fun now...

Well at any rate have a great weekend and spread some smiles!!!

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