Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Check Up

How come when you need help there is no one around, yet when you don't there are many who offer?
Why is it when you accept and offer of help people act upset...

How come when you have little or nothing to do there is no one around to talk to, but when you are busy someone will want to talk for hours?
Why does the phone never ring until you are busy?

We've had our first really cold snap here in the Pennsylvania mountains. It's a warning to check the windows and doors for the little places the cold air will sneak through and the heat will sneak out.

Best way I know to get a good look at the glazing around all the little window panes is to wash the windows. When you find bad spots of glazing, dig them out with a putty knife and put new glazing in. Then you can finish cleaning those windows in preparation to watch the falling flakes of snow.

If you're not good on ladders get or hire someone to do it for you.
The price you pay will be cheaper than the price of a doctor because of broken bones...

Don't forget to look up. Look at the roof. Are all the shingles looking good? How's the mortar joints between the bricks of the chimney look? If you have any questions about them call a pro and get them to check.

You have had your furnace checked and cleaned this summer right???
If not get a technician to check it now. Don't wait until the winter is on you, the snow is falling and there is ice on the roads for your furnace to quit. Many others do that and the furnace guy is busy. You will pay extra for an emergency call.

While your looking up, you see the gutters. Clean them out or again get someone to. Gutters love to collect leaves, pine needles and dirt. At times birds think the gutters are a wonderful place for a nest.

If they're not cleaned out the water will collect and run over. It will freeze and monster size ice will form and the weight may bring your gutters to the ground. That is when it gets really expensive and you'll will wish you had cleaned them earlier.

That first blast of cold days is a bummer, but instead of looking at it as something bad, look at it as an alarm. Wake up now and check all the little things you keep putting off.

Find those little things now before winter makes them into big things. Fix them now before they become big expenses.

While your out looking anyway, look at the beautiful colors that mother nature has painted the trees and smile.

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