Friday, October 14, 2011

Phone Warning

So you wash your hands in order not to spread germs and hopefully stay healthy, right.

Saw a report on the morning news about all these wonderful cell phones and contraptions. Seems that studies are finding them contaminated with fecal matter...

And people allow their children to play with them???

Now this report doesn't surprise me at all. Few years back they left us all know how contaminated with germs and bacteria our house phones were. That phone just stayed in the house. For the most part stayed in one spot in the house. Yet it was probably the grossest thing in the house.

Those handy things we call phones today though are carried everywhere. Sat down on counters, sat down on desks, carried into public toilets and eweeee I've even heard people talking on them in public toilets... Seen guys talking while using the other hand to aim...

Yes, normally people wash their hands, but do they wash those phones? Think yours is clean? Well, where did you last sit yours down? Did the last person to set one down keep theirs clean? Did the last person leaning there wash their hands?

How about the last person you shook hands with before grabbing your phone? Just how clean were they...
Who knows what germs and bacteria those phones are carrying? Could they be the destruction of mankind?

Seriously if phones that were always left at home were covered with bacteria and germs wouldn't it be expected that phones carried everywhere would be?

Oh well, I'm not actually a fan of being to safe. Not even crazy about antibacterial soap. The more we protect ourselves from germs and bacteria, the less tolerance we build naturally against them.

Same as going to a country that's foreign to us and getting the skidders from drinking their water. The people there don't! They have built up a natural tolerance against the stuff in that water.

But ya know... I really don't think I want to use someone else's phone. Just the idea that they may have had a runny nose or even the skidders may keep me from that!

So as we go through the day carrying our deadly bacteria and germ laced phones. And talking on them even while dining!!! (Oh wow I was hungry...)

Try and keep those smiles shining the warmth from within. Try to smile through the looks of disgust as you watch all those people who can never put their phone down. Smile as you know someone will make a new product within a few days to save us from all these phonteria!!!

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