Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Forgot Again

Just a thought that crossed my mind.
Want your kids to be quiet? Turn off the TV and stop anything else your doing. Pay attention to them instead of trying to hear the news with one ear. It's simply amazing that when you pay attention to your kids, they have nothing to say...

Woke up Sunday to see huge fluffy snow flurries falling with the rain. It was cold! Snow here in October is nothing new, but it usually waits until the end of October.

I got finished with the morning routines and was playing around on the web. An idea crossed my mind.
If there were flurries here, there might be a little snow cover at a Ski resort not far away. There are three within about 45 minutes of home.

So I decided that one that is about the highest would be a good place to go. Thought I'd get to see and early preview of winter wonderland and maybe get a few photo's for the blog.

Woke my son who had been out the night before and had drank a bit much and was still fast asleep. Hehehehehe, he was nursing a hangover!!!
As we were getting ready to go he received a phone call. Someones furnace had quit. So off he went on an emergency call.

When he returned home after getting heat for someone we got ready and left.
It was raining and drizzling all the way, but the scenery was absolutely beautiful. The trees are displaying all their brilliant colors of fall against the background of lush green still on the ground.

The boy was driving and I did have to tell him we were not going to a fire and no ones life was depending on us getting there fast. Slow the heck down and enjoy the scenery! But as young people are, he couldn't see the scenery for the fuzzy junk in his head...

But yet they can see those tiny little letters that make up their text messages on their phones... Go figure.
Then to make matters worse, dumb butt that I never realized I was raising to be a billboard, got another tattoo. The reeking odor of the gunk he slathers on that so it will heal properly was making me nauseous!

While my mind is on the scenery and looking for deer and other wild animals, his was on fast cars and trucks. His conversation made me think more that I should maybe try and find a sweet lady to enjoy long rides with...

Yet I survived the ride and conversation and we finally arrived at our destination. Walked through the entrance and to one of the lounge areas that serve drinks and food. I selected a great table that had a view of the slopes through a entire wall of glass.

Not one trace of snow. Not even a flurry. Oh well, there was at least a football game on the TV and they have plenty of them hanging from the walls.
We ordered a picture of beer and some food.

As I was drinking my beer and looking out the window wall it dawned on me just how nice those slopes looked even without any snow. I wondered to the window and then it hit me. My camera was MIA! I left it sitting on a stand by the door...

So sorry, no pictures... But I did have a delicious hot dinner, icy cold beer and another beautiful memory. And the three young ladies sitting at a table by the window wall looked real nice too... The football game? Ehh, I don't really enjoy watching them anyway. Always did think they were made to play, not watch.

So what did you do or see this past weekend? Did you remember your camera? Seriously, I should find a way to attach mine to my head...
Maybe I should consider finding a nice lady to help me remember...
Yah right... Like someone would like a free spirit like me.

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