Monday, October 3, 2011

Already! Are You Kidding Me?

Can Christmas come to early? I believe it can.
Went to do some weekly shopping on Saturday. While in some stores I noticed some Christmas things on the shelves.

It's not Halloween yet, but there are many Christmas items out. We still have Thanksgiving to shop for and prepare for and yet the Christmas stuff is here.
We have two months to go before Christmas is on us and the black Friday sales and other pre-Christmas sales...

I've noticed this trend for quite a few years now and I just don't get it!

By the time Christmas finally gets here, I'm bored with it. I've spoken to many others that feel exactly the same.
But do the stores and corporate world care? Heck no, someone will be in a hurry to buy their products and pay their ridiculous prices.

Is it just me or does anyone else save Christmas decorations? Heck, I gave many of what I'd bought away to family and friends and a few charities. I inherited some very old Shiny Bright ornaments that were once owned by my grandparents.

Those ornaments are beautiful and have some very good memories and meaning. They also allow me to reflect on the days of the past and help me to remember things to share with my children and grandchildren. It also reminds me of all the people who became friends over the years and reminds me of things to share with new friends and acquaintances who stop around.

I even have cards saved from people who have passed. They are proudly displayed each year at Christmas and it gives me the feeling those people are still with me as I see the cards and remember them fondly.

So each year those things get taken from their storage, unwrapped carefully and used. Then after they are carefully wrapped and put away until the next year.

Heck I don't even purchase many gifts until a few days before Christmas. That's when the prices really begin to get reasonable. The stores begin their panic to sell them so they drop their prices.

Things and stuff that gets used up and tossed after Christmas I purchase after Christmas when the stores are almost giving them away. Like tinsel and cards for the next year. They get stored with the decorations and are not hard to keep either.

I have three nice plastic storage containers that are not hard to handle that I keep those things in from year to year. Nothing hard about it at all...

I do at times buy things for people for Christmas long before Christmas arrives. If I'm out and see something that reminds me of someone and I'm pretty sure they will like it, I buy it and put it away for Christmas gifts. Did that this year with something I know my daughter will love. I can't tell you here though what that was. She will surely read the blog if I do...

But for me, I say boycott the Christmas stuff in the stores until after Thanksgiving! It worked that way when I was young and I am certain it will work just as well today.

Well, except the candy. That is good no mater if it's Christmas or not!
Have a great day and thank you for listening to my rant.
And remember, smile and share that smile!!!

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