Thursday, October 13, 2011

Here Is Beauty

Saw something down right beautiful last weekend.
I had gone on a weekly shopping trip to the grocery store. In one of the aisles I passed an older man and his wife. Yes, even older than me... Shortly after passing them I heard him say, “You still have the sexiest rump I've ever had the pleasure of eying”. (But his word was not rump)

She turned around and scolded him, but I couldn't help but notice the twinkle in her eyes and the smile she was so obviously trying to hide.
I just know he had a smile on his face while he was being scolded.

I quickly went back to my own business and wow! Shortly after I realized, I never looked to see if he was right!

Ya know when thinking about it on my way home I smiled again. Now I think that guy has something going for him. He still loves the girl of his dreams and isn't afraid to let her know.

All through my life I've heard guys trying to sound funny, making comments to their ladies that sound hurtful. Making rude comments is easy. Very often they are funny. But!
They are not easy to overcome...

Those bad comments grow and fester. They become big ugly serpents ready to strike out and lash you with their finely honed teeth.
Even when said in the most loving ways they are placed in the mind to grow.

Each look into a mirror is done with scrutiny and even something normal begins to grow to monstrous proportions. Even joking about something you find as cute can backfire when she begins looking and analyzing with a scrutinizing eye.

With all the emphasis on magazine cover bodies and movie star looks is it any wonder?

If someone looks at you and calls you a skinny muscle less twerp, you get bad images of your self running through your head. If someone calls you fat the same thing happens.

All the little insinuations are nothing more than another form of bullying.

Why not learn something from that old guy I started with? Instead of pointing out bad things, find something to compliment her with. I'm sure there are many.

Just like you would not being around those that point out your imperfect features. Do you not believe she will find comfort in someone who points out her better features? Someone who shows her appreciation? Someone who finds her attractive? Someone who lets her know he wants her?

It just might even be possible to repair some of the damage you've done if you start complimenting her now. Women do seem to remember forever all the dumb things we say and do. But ya know, they are also very, very forgiving...

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