Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Go Ahead, Attack Me

Nature is a beautiful thing. Wild animals do look cute and cuddly. I have a deep appreciation and love for both. I refuse to chase even bears from the property here. I'm not a big fan of snakes, but as long as any wild critters stay away from the lawn and general area of the house they can be tolerated and enjoyed.

Yet when you go to feed the chickens and find all but two dead you tend to have it thrown in your face again that nature is not always our friend. Even those two didn't seem in the best of health after the attack and have now joined the others in death.

What exactly got my girls is something I'm not sure of. I did find that something was chewing at the floor of the chicken coop from beneath. I did find raccoon tracks. So I suspect they were the guilty culprit.

Hunting and trapping isn't done any longer as it once was and the wild animals are becoming crowded. That leads to having less per critter to eat. Less room for their territory. Makes them more likely to use areas closer to humans as their hunting ground.

There have in the past several years been more and more bear sightings near some cities and towns around here. At the same time I've seen more and more city people buying small sections of ground and building houses. They move here and the bear need to find new places to live. As they wonder in their search for food they wonder closer to people and their cities and towns.

Because of less hunting and trapping there are getting to be to many small critters. They have to compete with each other for food and territory. It also brings them closer and if one has rabies, they spread quite quickly.

Ever since the ever intelligent humans began to quit using furs and started terrorizing anyone who does, the small critters have begun to cause problems. They are now becoming far to crowded in their search for food and a place to live.

Over the past twenty years I've ran into more and more wild critters with mange and those that instead of running from me come running towards me. Not acting at all like normal. That is a sign of rabies. When an animal has rabies it's mind goes and they are no longer cute and cuddly, they become crazy.

It's not popular and in no way is it nice in my mind, but they must be destroyed. When that happens even the fur from those animals is useless. The meat from those animals is also useless.

Yes, hunting and trapping seems to be senseless, but is it really? Is it nicer and kinder to allow wildlife to become overcrowded and be killed by rampant disease? Is it more humane to watch them suffer a slow miserable suffering death? Is it kinder to watch them bite our children as they play and explore?

I'm not angry with the nature or animals that killed my chickens who couldn't even defend theirselves. I'm once again angry with humans who are to small minded to learn and understand. To ignorant to open their minds and even try to understand that their actions to save all the animals of the world cause those animals real suffering which will also eventually come full circle and cause man more suffering...

Maybe PETA would like to volunteer to guard my animals and my family twenty four hours a day...

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