Friday, October 21, 2011

No One Lives Here, Go Away

Have ya ever wondered what would happen if you had a big magnet in your pocket when you walked passed teenagers in malls?
Wonder if you pulled a big magnet out of your pocket if they would run and get outta your way...

Hehee, maybe magnetize some little ball bearings and just sit them around on the shelves. As the metal faced teens walk by they will be pelted and everyone else could stand around laughing...

Gee and mom and dad thought it was bad when we wore skin tight jeans. At least we didn't intentionally poke holes in our faces. We found that nature took care of that all by itself as we were living and daring to be all we could be while doing all we could. Get away with...

Teens have forever pushed adults buttons and have done so quite well. Yet the world keeps spinning around and life goes on. That's not to say there is no room for improvement, only that life will go on no matter how much you worry about it or don't.

Often the best way to get a kid to quit something is to back it. When they think you are OK with something and they can't rattle your cage with it, it tends to become boring to them. But they will find something else...

Speaking of something else, the weather is supposed to be cold and windy here this weekend. My back is still giving me a tough time so I doubt I'll be doing any more than absolutely has to be done this weekend. I haven't even looked to see what's going on anywhere.

My plans include me and my bed spending some much needed time together keeping warm. Me cuddling with the sheets and the pillow. Looking out the window at times and watching the wind blow through the trees and the rain as it falls down on the sunporch roof.

Dreaming of a warm sunny beach and listening to waves crashing on the shore. The sun warming my aching back and a waitress delivering icy cold beer without me even asking.

If it turns out like usual though, It'll never happen. I just know someone will find some way to mess up those plans. Or something will happen to change those plans. But hey, a guy can always hope can't he?

At times though solitude and rest are exactly what we need. Gives the body time to rest and recuperate. Gives the mind a chance to unwind and clear.

So as I lock the doors and close the blinds, shut off the lights and disconnect the phone, while attempting to hide from the world. You all have a great weekend and if your not hiding too, share that smile!

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