Thursday, October 27, 2011

Quality Or Quantity

Is there really such a thing as quality over quantity in a relationship...

Often I hear people say it's quality. Yet when two are apart they lack that daily communication that keeps people growing together instead of apart.
Then too there are people who are always together that don't really communicate.

They don't share the daily ups and downs. They think their life is so boring that no one would want to hear it. They forget that maybe one little funny thing brightened their day and it just might be what someone else needs to smile.

They may even think their partners life is dull and boring. So they don't want to listen to it. That in turn makes their partner feel useless and unappreciated.

When getting married or even in just having a partner, the two become one. If one breaks an arm both suffer. If one can't do their work the other must help for the work to get done.

If one feels useless, half of the other is useless.

If one feels unwanted, half of the other is unwanted.

If one feels lonely, half of the other is lonely.

When you spend days or weeks at work, then spend your time off with the guys, she feels lonely and unwanted. Abandoned.
How would you feel should you go home and she decided to spend time away with the girls? Leaving you alone with the kids and household chores. Leaving you alone with no one but children to talk to.

In the least you should be offering her a few days away from her workplace.
Yes you saw her sitting and watching TV. She was on a break. Just because you take a coffee break, would you like you boss thinking that is all you do everyday, all day long?

No she is on the clock twenty four hours a day. Her day has no beginning hour or no ending hour.

Give a little though to her and her life. Share some of your valuable time with her. When your tired self is old and gray do you really think your buddies are going to be there for you? Doubt very much they will, but if you stay in touch with her and always let her know that you want to be part of her, she will be.

Spent the quantity of time you have with her and be darned sure it's very full of quality too. She will appreciate it and you will too. Ignore the one you love and you will be loving yourself. It's really up to you...

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