Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I'm amused right now that some cities here in my State are struggling and can't pay their bills while others are doing well.

The cities that are struggling are the ones that have done well and had money from a good tax base. They refused to see down the road into the future and borrowed money for things instead of finding a way to live within their means.

Cities and Counties doing well are the ones who have always struggled. They didn't have untold money to waste spend so they buckled down and lived within their means. Not running out and borrowing money thinking the future would be brighter.

Same thing for families. Those that didn't stretch their faith in money are not doing so bad. It's those who didn't play the “keep up with the Jones's” game who are not struggling so bad. They made do with what they had. They made the attempt to live within their means. Drove that old car until the wheels were about to fall off, not until the new shine wore off.

Families who lived their life on big credit with lots of debt are the ones who seem to be suffering.

Seems to me I remember when a guy named Reagan was in office back in the eighties, he warned us of the impending doom. Did anyone listen? No many politicians since have done nothing but apply bandages to the wounds but never woke up and treated the wounds.

Now we have politicians tossing out stupid ideas saying they will save us. But do any say they will live within their means? Instead they want to change the tax codes. Will that make anything better? I seriously doubt it. Kinda sounds like good old fashioned snake oil medicine to me.

Living within your means, tightening the belt, doing without anything but the necessities. That is what we need.

I can't help but wonder just how long will it be until we as a country do wake up...

Yes, my neighbors struggle. Yes, there are other countries that are struggling. But how can I help others when I myself am in the midst of struggle?

Can not the politicians see that?

Tax reform??? How about some Government reform...

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