Friday, September 30, 2011

Open Your Mind

Was out doing some chores a few days ago and twisted my neck wrong and it's been in pain ever since. Was out yesterday and took a little slip in the mud. I didn't fall but the slip has my back and hip hurting like mad.
There are just some days, or in my case weeks, one should just stay in bed.

Enough of my carping. I'll live to get better and also live long enough to get hurt worse. Thank you for bearing with me as I whined.

I was thinking about how you can take a walk through the forest, but if your mind is so bounded by focus, so girded by certainty, that you miss all the surprises, are you really there?

There are no finite answers to everything. No absolutes. Each being sees things differently. A great masterful artist can paint a beautiful scenic painting. You can get lost in it's beauty and be lost in it's wonder. It can look so perfect. Yet if you go to the exact place where it was viewed and painted from, it will look different to you.

By admitting to yourself that you don't know all and there are no conclusive answers to everything or anything, you open yourself up to all the wonders that are there. You allow your mind to wonder. You learn to appreciate all the little things that exist and you can imagine. You learn to learn and you learn to become wise.

Normally when I'm out playing working here on the farm my mind is open. That allows for some interesting observations. From shapes of animals and people in the clouds to wonder at the wild animals playing in the fields and woods.

When I am in pain though, I don't even have the ability to laugh at a comedy show. When work gets behind and I have to play catch up while worrying about the next thing I have to do it's the same.

Keeping up with the many little things that face us each day and not letting them build up into big things, lets us enjoy life more. Even something as simple as laundry or doing dishes. Let either of them build up and we spend hours of agony trying to play catch up. And it never fails, when your trying to play catch up someone will pick that precise moment to want something of you.

Want to be alone? Just keep up with everything. I can be here for weeks and not a living soul will stop by for a visit. But let me be behind and trying to get caught up and people will drop by and want to chit chat or want me to help them with something.

Same goes for waking up late. Should I have a rough night and sleep in just a little... eh who am I kidding, very late, everyone and every thing will want my attention. Instead of having time to visit while feeding the cows, the dogs will be whining for their breakfast.

Yet when I get up on time I can always find the me time to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or take a short nap. I'd seriously imagine it's the same for elderly in a home. They can probably sit there for weeks and no one will stop to relieve them of their loneliness. But let them have a bingo night and someone will stop by for a visit.

So here are two ideas for your weekend.
Go for an open minded walk or hike and find all the wonderful surprises waiting for you. Or go and visit with someone elderly living in a home.
Heck, you might even be able to combine the two and put a smile on a lonely face of dear old grandma or grandpap.

Whatever you do this weekend, do it with all you have and an open mind. Find the funny to smile about and the strange to shake your head about that makes you smile.

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This world is really one big playground and we can share and get to know one another. By learning we stand a chance to accept differences and understand. 

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