Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fed Up With Prices And Cons

Read a great post on Saturday morning. A post on The Clumsy Mumsy In Stilettos site. You can read it here

I'm not anti business. I'm not anti Union.
When first staring out in life as an older teen and young adult I had union jobs. They were in factories though and I was an outdoors kinda guy. Being in a building all cooped up did not interest me. Worked many other jobs and still didn't find satisfaction. They made waking up and going to work nothing but a pain I had to endure just to have money to live. Eventually I got an idea to start a business of my own. I liked construction so why not. I did and did well enough to keep bills paid, save a little, have fun and still grow as a business. That business went under my own name. I made some mistakes over the years, but fixed them. I had pride in what I did and the business. Also had the side effect of enjoying waking up and going to work.

So many, but not all, businesses today are only doing business to make their whopping bottom lines bigger and make their CEO's and share holders nice fat pay checks. They con us, the consumers, with all their fancy ads making their products look like the thing we cannot live without. Show us prices that sound affordable. Then when we get the bill we learn there are “hidden fees?” and charges, bringing the total cost to astronomical heights. Many times the products don't last or are defective.

Like Clumsy Mumsy pointed out in an earlier blog, when you call to complain and get some of the hidden charges explained or un asked for charges taken off for services we didn't order... You get the runaround.
You can waste an entire day of your life. You still may not get anywhere. Truly seems they hope you will just give up and pay the price they want.

I am not a consumer! I am a customer. As such you should appreciate me enough to respect me. If not I will not be a return customer nor will I be telling anyone to try your product. I will be warning them against doing business with you.

Then there are the prices. A lot of those prices are pushed higher by unions. Unions had and still do have a good purpose. They protected workers from being taken advantage of. They got the employees who were in the union a decent wage and benefits. Then however, they became just like big business. Their greed pushed prices higher and caused a bigger rift between we the common people and the people who make enough money to pay for the expensive products.

Then somewhere around the late 70's and early 80's I began to hear, buy products made in the USA and support the American workers. They even had a pretty little American flag on logo's to inspire patriotism.
Uh hu. Just another fancy con job...

With the difference in prices the average Patriotic American can afford and what big business and the unions want to charge, we the Patriotic Americans are not that dumb and can not afford your products.
We have families to feed. Homes that are either rented or bought. Clothes that need purchased. Doctor bills to pay when our children get hurt or are sick. Also many other things that eat up our pay checks that may only at best, be half of what you make. We simply can not afford to buy your expensive products. Nor do we want to buy products you will not stand behind and then have you try to hide when we want you to stand behind them.

We the intelligent Patriotic Americans demand products that are affordable and have the best quality we can afford to pay for.

You want us to buy American made? Get your heads out of your rumps and learn who we really are, here below your ivory towers. Also teach your telephone warriors who keep you separated from us about the ins and outs of your products and your change and return policies. You look kinda dumb when we call and have to spend an entire day just to get a simple answer or satisfaction. We don't need to come back to you.

It was people who became angry with an uncaring selfserving government that were the first American Patriots and rebelled then created the United States of America.
We the descendants of the first American Patriots and all the wonderful people who have come since and are welcome to this county with open arms, demand better.

We can, rebel again. This time with our wallets and intelligence...

Am I done with this? I certainly hope not, there is much more that should be said. If you agree with this, print it and give it to someone you know. Maybe we can begin to open the eyes and ears of uncaring business and start a change.

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