Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rainy Day

This thing between my legs wasn't always a problem. It was cute and cuddly. Made me smile. It fit so nicely between my legs as it slept so quietly. It loved being stroked however gently or firm. I like playing with it! It was so much fun and always left me feeling so happy.

It only went potty once in a while. Yet as I recall it sometimes didn't quite make it, and soaked the floor. But a quick clean up took care of that right away. Now it makes it quite well so that's the end of that chore.

But it's grown now. No longer does it fit so nicely. It's gotten monstrous! What a problem as it lays still between my legs. It's to huge and very, very uncomfortable.

But it's still kinda cute as it hangs there and sleeps. Snoozing and dreaming of play. Wishing I would stop everything right now and just play. Probably even wishing it had a playmate to share it's warmth when it awoke and stood proud.

I still find it nice to play with. Still leaves me with such a smile. It's so nice to stroke whether gently or firm. Yet it's developed a mind of it's own. It wants to play even when I am not ready. Just jumps up standing tall almost with a demand.

It refuses to be satisfied. Seems it always wants to play. It likes to play rough, though sometimes it likes to play in a gentle way. It aches for affection. It wants to be kissed. Wants to feel loved. And needed! It doesn't even care who's hands are on it as long as it feels good.

It craves desire. Wanting more every day. To be wanted and needed and stroked even more. As it lays between my legs and drives me crazy.
No room left between my legs for it to grow and still lay. It must be removed! Needs somewhere else to dwell. Before my hips break as it continues to swell.

My ankles would once again like to be reunited. They haven't been together in so long as I sit here. My feet are so lonely for each other company since it's grown so large.

Sometime even a really bad smell comes from between my legs. An aroma that makes the eyes yell “May Day” and look for life boats. As the tears form and run down my cheeks. Now that can destroy any appetite, so maybe that's not all bad. But I don't recommend it as a diet aid.

Ahh but this wonderful big thing between my legs...

It's Rodeo, my sons little pup. But he's much bigger than when he first laid between my legs as I sat here trying to write. He took up but a square foot of space, but now it's like riding a horse!

Sure hope you got as big of a smile from reading this as I did writing!
See ya Monday! Smile and have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for the laugh, Ivan. I thought you were bragging a bit much there, fella! Rodeo sure is growing. We need to see his cute face, too. ☺ Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Ahh, Melodie... If there were anything else worth bragging about... Nope just Rodeo. Glad you got the smile of it though!!! : )